The Himalayas Did It?

Did anybody see this program on Public TV - might have been called: “Is there life out there” or “Cracking the Ice Age”-
According to this theory, the crash of continents that produced Mount Everest also produced a complicated chain of events that has resulted in an altered world climate.

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I heard about this second hand and can’t find a listing on the weekly TV program but it sounds great. I’d love to see it.(I’m always glad when someone else gets blamed.)

Personally, I’ve always blamed it all on the Appalachians.
Never trusted that range.

I saw it two nights ago, but never caught the name of it. One theory was that the new elevation put a “wobble” in the jet stream that brought colder arctic air into North America.

Another was that the new mountains altered rainfall patterns, and the rain absorbed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which created a dilute acid, which fell on the virgin rock of the Himalayas and reacted, essentially removing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and therefore creating a reverse-greenhouse effect.

I never saw what their conclusions were, or if there was evidence to back these theories up. I see it as one more chance to blame China for something.

It was NOVA episode. Pretty interesting. Try the link below.

Thank you, <font color=red>you devil</font>, you. That was a big help.

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Oh sure,BobT,blame all the worlds problems on simple mountain folk. You dern flatlander! I bet you think all Appalachians are hillbillys, abominable hairy men with bigfeet.

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No, just the women.


dear sd posters,
I most certainly did not cause these problems! I have an alibi! I was visiting my brother that night. Maybe you’ve heard of him, Ande.
furthermore, if these horrible slanders don’t stop right now, I’ll be forced to contact a lawyer.
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I really hope this situation doesn’t have to go further than this letter.

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So, is it “him-uh-LAY-uh” or “him-ALL-yuh”?

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Oh, sure. Wait until everyone has left and then ask the hard question!

Merriam-Webster says both pronunciations are acceptable, but puts their order of acceptance in the same order as you listed them.


You know how there is always one kid in a family that gets most of the heat? I’d just like to see some little kid telling his mother, “It wasn’t me, Ma. The Himalayas Did It!”

But seriously, folks…

An article in Discover a year or two back postulated that the rise of the Isthmus of Panama created the Gulf Stream, which had major impact on global weather. For one thing, Africa became drier, forest shrank, savannahs expanded, and certain apes began walking around upright…