The Hipster Olympics!

Ok, I don’t usually post just to tout a youtube video, but for those of you that live in places with a “hipster” crowd, this is hilarious.

From Williamsburg, Brooklyn, it’s the Hipster Olympics!

ETA: Watch the details, they make it fun.

It’s shamelessly inspired by the Monty Python Upper-Class Twit of the Year skit.

That was pretty good. So funny because it’s so true.

I was most impressed by the 45-degree slack-tongued head-tilt with a bilateral arm-crossing pattern. Excellent technique!

That was incredibly insulting. Everybody knows that hipsters would never race like that. They’d wouldn’t want anyone to think they actually cared about winning. Sheesh. :rolleyes:

Anyway, that was pretty funny. I appreciated how they managed to mimic the Monty Python sketch while making it so very true to the hipster set.

Seriously hilarious and so on-point.

It’s okay if they win as long as they do it ironically.

Chuck Taylor-wearin’ low self-esteemers…

Well, hobos are the new unicorns…

Well said, but let’s not confuse hobos with bohos. Hobos are double-reed gents looking for work. Bohos are arty types in love with dying sopranos. Let’s try not to drag Don Imus into this.