The History of Japan

A nine-minute comedic (but relatively accurate) review of the history of Japan. I liked it, and my (Japanese) wife thought it was pretty good too.


I actually learned a lot from that video. Now I want to know more.

I’m going to pass that link on to my sister, it’s great!

That on shogun, Ieayasu Tokugawa, is/was the model for Toronaga, from James Clavell’s book Shogun.

Watched that a couple of years ago. Every time we saw him on screen we came up with a different name for him: Saratoga, Toronado, Enchilada, etc.

I saw that a few days ago, and was very disappointed to see that it was his only video longer than 20 seconds.

I had the same thought. Isn’t that odd? :confused:

It’s interesting to study other countries histories because we here in the US really only learn about Europe.

Yes. Me too.

But I’d like to read an accurate and concise summary without the funny musical sounds. I found they interferred with the information.

The bit about the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Meiji Restoration isn’t accurate though.

That was excellent: entertaining & (somewhat) educational. Thanks for linking it, Machine Elf!

(sings) It’s time for World War I!

Check out Wikipedia, then. I think the point of the video was to be memorable and fun, for people who would rather not read or view a dry history lesson.

Agreed. I found the additions made it super amusing and well worth the watching.

For people that enjoy the format, I’d recommend Crash Course’s World History series.

And if you’re looking for a broad overview of world history in a visual medium, trying Larry Gonick’s Cartoon History of the Universe. And also, part II. And III. (These links are to Amazon, but the Straight Dope’s Let’s Milk Some Money From Links plugin may change them on the fly.) The series is very broad and skims the surface, but does it with humor and style, and gives you a timeline to hang more detailed works from.

Oh, and very good video, thanks for the link!