The "HoldenCaulfield should keep his hair!" thread!

In this thread here HoldenCaulfield solicited opinions on whether and/or how he should cut his hair. For reasons I explained in that same thread, I think he should not do this. While the ultimate decision is his, I feel something of this magnitude deserves a broader input. So Dopers, I ask you:
Samples pics of HC’s lovely lcoks can be viewed here.

To the Mod: This thread is not intended to compete with the original thread on this subject. That thread solicited opinions on WHAT HC should do about his hair. THIS threed is for people to explain at length why he should KEEP it.

…DUDE! Are you crazy? Keep your hair!

I know it can be a pain to deal with, but chicks dig long hair. Especially long, dark hair. I mean, you can cultivate so many images with it…refined/classy, rebellious, mysterious, dangerous, casual…with short hair, your hair won’t help you at all.

And I’ll cry if you cut it off. ;).

Dude ! What are you thinking ? Keep the hair !

As I said in the other thread, he should keep it. Most definitely. Or at least not cut it short, maybe a trim or a little bit off but not short, please not short. God, I love guys with long hair. :slight_smile: So yes, he should keep it, because it’s hot, and gives me something to fantasize about. Let’s face it, guys with long hair are hot. Skinny pale guys with long hair are even better. So yes, he should keep it. It’s lovely. Just makes me wanna cuddle him and run my hands through it and do some other stuff that is inappropriate to mention here. :wink: I love it so much I’m babbling. ::wistful sigh:: Keep it, HC, it’s fabulous.
::scrubs her dirty mind with soap:: Bad Antares, bad bad!

I don’t know about Holden, but the DoperChicks’ responses here pretty much nail it for me. I haven’t had a haircut in more than a year. My hair isn’t quite Holden’s length yet, but it’s getting there.

My philosophy on a man’s hair is that it should be shaved to stubble or nice and long. Keep the hair, Holden. It’s sexy.

Cut mine after a couple of decades of never seeing the inside of a barber shop. Never been sorry.

I say keep it. Trim it a bit, make it a tad more shaggy, and it has real potential, that hair does.

Calm down girls… he’s mine.

If HoldenCaufield cuts his hair short I will cry myself to sleep. But since it hasn’t had a trim in well over six months now, I’m all for a routine cut.

If he’s going to cut his hair, he should totally keep it long. I’m thinking the Ashton Kutcher (sp?) layered look.

I agree… long hair is the sexiest thing ever…

(as well as the whole skinny pale guy thing. I don’t know what it is, but I find it incredibly attractive).

So in the meantime… stay away from my boy.

It’s beautiful, beautiful hair. You’re a lucky lass.

Whoops! So much for my prediction that he would be a pussy gettin’ machine! Hope I haven’t planted the sees of insecurity! :smiley:

Heh… don’t kill me, DiabloKitty2. I won’t touch him, I promise. But you’re very lucky. He’s quite a cutie and I’m jealous. Skinny pale guys with long hair are better than Brad Pitt for me. And, if the webpage link in his profile is correct, he’s in a band? And I’m guessing bass? ::swoon:: Skinny pale long-haired bass players… Oh,how I envy you, DK2. The one guy I’ve dated seriously and the one guy I had a fling with were bass players (from the same band. :o The fling guy became the bassist after my ex switched to vocals, and the fling happened long after we broke up) and though only my ex was skinny and pale, and didn’t even have long hair… ::le sigh:: [dreamworld]Gotta get me another one of those. [/dreamworld]

So yes, he should get a trim, but keep it long, to keep girls like me jealous of girls like DiabloKitty.