Long hair on men

Long hair on men. Ladies and gents, yea or nay? Pro and con?

Well I’m gonna have to say yea. But that’s because I’ve got long hair! :wink:

The worst con is that it clogs the drain even if I brush it before I wash it. I’ve just got so much of it. The women love it though, ok one or two.

I’m not what you might call a style guru, but I’ve formed the impression that I’m marginally less unappealing immediately after my annual haircut. (Yes, annual. You just think I’m joking.)

I saw the title and my first thought was yes.

Long well kept hair please. :slight_smile:

Mr2U - long hair (at least as long as mine and mine is a few inches past my shoulders), gray, receding hairline, ponytail - and he’s the sexiest guy I’ve ever in my 36 years ever ever ever ever ever come across. Ever.

Define “long.”

Between 1977 and 1982, I had hair pretty much all the way down my back, shampooed daily and usually kept in a ponytail. Yeah, the women loved it.

Today, like Steve, I try to keep barbershop visits to a miniumum (in my case it’s because I’m cheap). So depending on when you run into me I may have longish shaggy hair, close to shoulder-length, or a snappy Bix Beiderbecke/Chet Baker short-back-and-sides-long-on-top that looks fine with a porkpie hat and two-tone shoes.


Long hair = smiling Winnie

Mr. Winnie is a former long-haired man, however now sporting a short and neat coif. However long hair on a man is so incredibly sexy and always turns my head as long as it’s clean, well-groomed, and not sticking out from under a NASCAR hat. Nothing wrong with that, just not my thing :slight_smile:

Yes, keep it long!

Long hair, YES!! My fiance had long, red hair until 2 1/2 years ago when he shaved his head BALD! gah Then again, the place he got it cut at sent it to the Childrens Hospital to have wigs for kids made from it. Red hair is apparently hard to come by.

The only NO for long hair is the mullet!

Yes I am attracted to the guys that no one really talks to because they appear to be mean or are just the strong silent types. And I have found that the majority of these guys do have long hair, but it all depends on how you keep it. There’s a townie around here that is one of those people you see EVERYWHERE, and I’ve never heard him speak but he has these long red dread locks, and frankly I want to pounce on him. There was a guy in my high school who had just long brown hair, like about shoulder length often jsut covered with a bandana… And well I wanted to punce on him too… If you make your hair original (bandana, dreads, 'fro) it can be extremely hot, but watch out if you get facial hair. You might end up looking like Christ.

I used to have very long hair. Now I am shaved bald.

I would still wear my hair long were it not for the fact that my hairline was quickly receding. To me, balding AND wearing it long is just sad.

Make sure your hair isn’t goofy if you try to be different with it… Avoid the Willie Nelson look at all costs… (I would lean more towards a Jim Morrison look… not too long and not really considered short)

A resounding “YEA” here. I hate that long hair on guys is not considered appropriate in a business situation - the hubby has incredible thick, wavy hair, and he has to get it cut every few weeks (your basic Republican haircut, we call it.) I’d love it if he could just let it grow and grow.

There’s nothing I love more than a man with long, clean hair, unless it’s a man with long, clean hair and a guitar.

It depends on the guy but in general I would say yes. Provided you have a full head of hair and it’s clean and well kept so there are no scraggly ends. I went to a Guitar Center grand opening once where a large percentage of the rocker wannabes had long hair but I wanted to chop the last 6 inches off most of the ponytails in the place.

When I was a teen I loved long hair on a guy, now I prefer short. Maybe it’s being married to a military guy…

Alas, I used to be that guy guitar and all. I wore my hair long (fluctuating between shoulders and midback) for about 4 years before I had to surrender to corporate America and cut it short. It was “dirty” blond, but I always kept it clean. I often toy with the idea of growing it out again, but I probably won’t. Still for guys who actually take care of it, I say “yea.”

Yes, keep the ends trimmed!

IMHO, a guy with thick hair and at least some curl is going to have an easier go of it with long hair. Long, straight and stringy is not a good look for most.

The Neanderthals at work here love to give me a hard time about my hair, but the majority of them are either bald, balding, thinning, receding hairline, gray hair or some combination thereof. I am truly amazed at what discomfort a hair style can cause to some people. I wash/condition it every day, brush it multiple times a day, and trim the top and ends once a month.

Talk about battling ignorance.

I would definitely get it cut to a “respectable” length if I were ever looking for a job, though.

Well HOT DOG! Finally something about me the ladies like that we can talk about in public!

I havent had a “real” haircut in about 7 years. (the ends and crazy shit get hacked off)

The ladies really seemed to like it, but now I’m married and it doesn’t do much for me except give the kid something to pull. It is so long now, that when I work on the car, it gets caught in the creepers wheels and when I ride motorcycles it limits my head movement (I tuck it in down my jacket and it prevents neck movement unless I remember to leave some “slack”)

Thinkin’ bout choppin’ it off, so I can give my son more piggyback rides, but the only thing uglyier than me with long hair would be me with short hair.

Damn! I have forgotten to not become drunken again!

I used to have long hair. The one day, when I was about 23, I just decided to hack it all off. I’ve never looked back. I do the buzz-cut thing now, and it’s just so much more comfortable and easier to deal with. Practically no-maintenance.

On other guys, I have no problem with it. Whatever floats your boat.

Oddly enough though, I actually prefer short hair on girls.