Girls — do you like long hair on guys?

This is the natural complement to the thread Guys - do you like long hair on girls?

All I can tell you is, I like long hair on myself. I’ve now grown it past my shoulders and it’s starting to go down my back. People tell me I look like Jesus. “Halleluiah, I adore it.” If any ladies find it attractive, so much the better.

It depends on the man. Some look good with long hair, others look better with no hair, or a buzz cut.

Like in high school I knew a guy with beautiful hair that was down to the middle of his back… It looked so good on him, I can’t even imagine him with short hair.

Eww. I’m sure it looks great on you, though.

Nope. Can’t stand it. Never saw a guy in my life that didn’t/wouldn’t look better with short hair. It’s a deal breaker.

No offense, though. That just means you’re not my type, Jomo Mojo. :wink:


There are a few guys who look good with really long hair, but most don’t. Long hair on guys is usually either scraggly and greasy-looking or else it’s too pretty and looks kind of feminine. Just my opinion, though.

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There are all different types of long hair on guys. There is the Hippy, the White Trash/Metalhead, the Vampire, the Eurotrash, the Pretty Boy/Fabio, etc. As a rule I don’t like long hair on guys, but it dawned on my one day a few years ago that I had gone out with many long-haired guys. They were mostly a mix of Motorcycle-Riding Bad Boy and Eurotrash, with an occasional Artsy Hippy thrown in. But I don’t like long hair on gus, so I can’t explain it.

I like it in a ponytail. Well, I’ve never been with a man who had long hair, but I’m attracted to men with a ponytail. Is that weird?

Don’t be sad, {{{Jomo}}} I’m sure that’s not the biggest criteria for most women.

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What c_carol said, which is why I usually much much much prefer a man’s hair short.
And I couldn’t bear a man who used more hair products than I did

I use exactly two hair products: shampoo and conditioner. You’ll have to take my word for it, unless we meet at a Dopefest, but my hair turned out really good long. It’s a delight and a joy to me. My wife used to oppose it every time I started to let it get long in the past, but this time I was determined to go for it. Now she strokes and caresses it, saying what beautiful hair I have. I love her long, gorgeous, thick wavy dark tresses too, all the way down her back, thinking what a lucky man I am. I think long hair is good on everyone, men and women! Short hair is so blah. Yeah, I’m a hippie. No, I don’t care for heavy metal. I love the Jesus look.

I like hair of any length as long as it suits the person it’s on.

Oooooh, yess! Running my fingers through long hair is a seriously Good Thing for me, whether the owner of the hair is male or female. :smiley:

On guys, I tend to like either long hair or no hair at all, especially if the gent has a really well-shaped skull. Really short hair looks frat-boy-ish to me. A buzzcut or that weird short-on-the-sides, inch-long-and-spiky-on-top is my Clue #1 that a fellow is Not My Type. Cornrows are okay as long as the contrast between the color of the hair and the color of the scalp isn’t huge, but they don’t do much for me, either. Dreads look cool but are icky to touch.

Having said that, too much mousse looks bad on anyone, again male or female.

Long hair on guys? Yes, please.

For those of you who may be confused or unsure <g>, let me just mention Brad Pitt in “Legends of the Fall”… Antonio Banderas as Armand the vampire in “Interview”… And has anyone seen Hugh Jackman looking a whole lot sexier now that he has long hair? I never thought of him as very attractive until I saw him with long hair. It’s just a preference like chocolate vs. vanilla, but I really like long hair on guys. It’s sexy.

I liked men with short hair when I was young. However, as I got older, my tastes changed, and now I tend not to look twice at a man whose hair is longer than mine. Sometimes, though, one will catch my eye, if it looks healthy or if it’s a redhead. I don’t care for red hair on men in general, but long red hair is something unusual (I’ve got it myself) and it catches my eye.

Yes and no. As far as the eye candy factor, if a guy keeps his hair neat and clean, I love those long flowing locks but I generally don’t date guys who have long hair simply because our lis=festyles tend ot be different.

Yeah, I love it in a ponytail. Just hanging loose doesn’t do it for me, generally.

There is a fun webpage for the Society of Scientists with Long Flowing Hair or some similar title. No, really. It’s full of pictures of scientists and other academics with long hair. Many of them men, of course.

Oh but I do love that guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding - the movie version. yummmm - mmeeee