Girls — do you like long hair on guys?

Thank you!

I absolutely adore it!! IMHO, it makes almost any man look about. Note though, that I said almost. In a very few incidences, I’ve noticed a couple of guys that it didn’t compliment (mullets anyone?), but overall, I’d take one any day, in a heartbeat.

Mmmmm. :::drifts off dreamily:::

Of course, the reality is that I only dated one guy that would even come close to qualifying and Mr. hopefool wears pretty much the “shaved bald head” approach.

Sigh. Just can’t blame a girl from trying.

I am with Omorka!! yes,Yes, YESYESYES!!! Especially if there’s a natural wave in it OMG, wayyy hot!:cool:

some men look really nice with long hair so it depends, but generally i like men with short hair. i noticed my ex when he had his hair cut. it was ‘an accident’, he loved his long hair and he was very angry when the man who did this to him asked him “so what do you think?”. :d

As a general rule, NO.

As every rule has an exception, it depends on the guy and the kind of long hair. If it’s slightly wavy and say, no longer than his chin, that’s probably OK. Past shoulders, and that’s a no.

In general, I don’t like men with long hair. I think short hair is way more attractive on a man. I do agree with Omorka, however, that shaved on the side and an inch long and spikey on the top, is just aweful and definitely not my type at all.

There are a couple of stars that I really like long hair on though. They are Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Ozzy Osbourne. I love those guys with their long tresses.

I think that the hair style has to compliment the man’s personality and looks. So basically if he’s the type of guy that will actually wash it and brush it and it isn’t nasty looking, then that’s fine with me…oh but it can’t be way long like past the shoulders. I like enough hair I can run my fingers through a little bit at least, so I don’t like it real short.

My best friend, he has brown hair that runs down to the middle of his back and everyone says it’s weird but I think it fits him. I tried to imagine thus boy with short hair and, it, it just doesn’t work.

In general, no. But there are always exceptions. The exceptions usually have me thinking very naughty thoughts about how sensuous their hair would feel in certain situations.

Some guys look really great with long hair so it’s a definite yes from me too! Of course, there are those who kept the long hair but have aged rather badly and really ought to know when it’s time to give it up and get the lanky locks chopped off.

Mostly, I’m just jealous because they look better than me (my hair is barely shoulder-length and very fine so it just doesn’t look that good if I let it grow too long).

Good grief, 11 yr old thread…

But I guess the question is still relevant, so…

No. Don’t like long hair on guys, as a rule. Just below the ears is ok, but not much more than that.

For the record, my hair is still short 11 years later.

Yes, as long as it’s clean. Greasy, clumpy hair does nothing for me.

As others have said, the “faux hawk” (shaved sides, hair moussed up in spikes on top of the head) does not appeal, not only because very few can successfully pull it off, but I immediately think “fashion victim”. Like seeing a hipster girl in an ironic tiny little bowler hat.

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Always have, always will.

How is this even a question.

Heh. I didn’t notice this was a zombie. Long hair doesn’t work on everyone. :wink:

After 20 years in the military, which dictated the state of my hair style and facial hair, I took the opportunity to experiment over the following several years. I’ve had an almost 100% shaved head (oddly lumpy and a grayish-pale color – never been a sun person), a short beard and a Grizzly Adams-type that reached several inches to my chest. I’m experimenting now with long hair after several years of near-military-style short hair. After about 14 months of not visiting a barber at all, I have hair extending almost to the middle of my back, which I almost always put into a ponytail if I’m going out in public.

Full disclosure: I’m heading rapidly towards 54 years in age, and have (slowly) been exhibiting signs of male pattern baldness for quite some time now. Since I brush my hair straight back (and always have), this alleviates my slowly-growing bald spot somewhat, but it’s probably just a different form of comb-over. If I brush my hair forward, it will fall below my chin, but doesn’t obscure my face much. Most of my length is from the sides of my head and, to a slightly-lesser degree, from the middle-back of my head and lower. Also, probably because I’m not caring for it properly, it’s usually fairly lifeless, whether bound or unbound. My wife has little comment beyond “If you like it…”, which almost certainly means she doesn’t care for it all that much.

I may consult a hair-stylist sometime in the future, for hair-care tips and possible trimming to facilitate better shaping, but I think the best thing that I will be able to say came out of this experiment is “Yeah, my hair can (eventually) get fairly long, if not necessarily fairly attractive.”

And I could give a rat’s-ass about others’ opinion(s) of my hair, although it’s a bit telling that I won’t leave the house without a cap to cover the extreme thinning hair on top and the ever-burgeoning bald spot. sigh Nothing is ever like you want or expect it will be. :dubious:

And I can’t believe why someone would choose that when they could have this. I don’t mind longer hair on guys but once it reaches the ponytail stage, it needs to be dealt with. Oh well, this is why Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors, so to speak.

To me as a straight man (and thus, irrelevant) it seems that the older a guy gets, the less likely it is that long hair looks good on him.

Does this girl like long hair on guys? Sure, why not? Doesn’t make a lot of difference to me one way or another what hair length guys wear.

I see what you did there. Best zombie thread post yet.