The "HOMESHOPPING" Channel-Do They Lie?

I never have purchased anything from the HomeShopping channel…but I suspect that they are pretty unethical. Many times, I have seen items displayed for sale…and they are saying, “you better buy now, we are down to only a few of these…and we don’t expect to get any more”…or words to thateffect.
Anyway, I decided to check them out…so I went to their website…and saw the supposedly scarce item , vaialable on the website.
Do these people lie? Is it safe to assume that when they are screaming that you can’t mis this deal (because the item will NEVER be available again), that they actually have a warehouse full of them?
Any opinions about HSC? Are their prices inflated?

I have found items that they say will sell out do sell out for a period but they are usually able to obtain more within 3 months.

They usually don’t say NEVER but use words like “likely to…” “may never…”

There prices can be inflated depending on where you live. One thing I learned by living in a big city (Chicago) and a small town, in small towns you don’t get a lot of choice. Usually if you are in a good sized city (Chicago for example) you can match or beat their prices, ESPECIALLY when you figure in shipping.

But then again you may have to hunt for the bargains. In smaller towns the merchandise simply isn’t there.

I have a unique insight into Shopping Networks being a supplier. to both HSN and QVC. When they say product has sold out, they are not using it as a sales ploy. The objective of any Shopping Network is to maximize their sales dollars per minute. They would rather sell out than have excess inventory. Having the product repeat months later is simply good business until that product has not sold out and thereby run its course. They usually look for product that cannot readily or easily be found in your local Mart stores and the QVC or HSN shoppers are usually willing to pay a small premium to have quality assurances and return privelages.

You are just the person I’ve been looking for… Is this a hijak?? If so I apologize…

I have a unique product that I considered offering to QVC/HSN
but was told they require the supplier to have a minimum of 10,000 units…

AND, that they of course DO NOT guarantee ANY of the items will be sold and thus the supplier is stuck with 9,999 units if God forbid, they DONT…
so of course I passed on offering it to them.

Is this true???

What are the ins and outs of selling on these shows?
Thanks tons,

I apologize in advance for the hijack, but since you asked…

The Shopping Networks, directors, buyers, etc. are all interested in how many dollars are generated per minute. It is a combination of the sell price and units on hand that determines their targets, per product line [different categories have different margin and dollar requirements]. We most often test products with as little as 3-4000 pcs [usually one container or truck load] to minimize freight, which by the way you failed to mention, since that is also paid for by you, the supplier. It is true that everything they initially test is bought with 100% guaranteed sale, subsequent orders often are not. It all depends on how you as a vendor work with the system to guide the buyer through what will sell and how much of it when. As to how to do that as an individual, you are almost always SOL. That’s why they make the money they do and there are companies like mine who take a middle position beteen individual and the big machine.

Getting back to the OP.

I purchased 10 autographed sports cards (by this I mean some baseball, some football, some basketball and some hockey cards signed by the player they featured) from HSN. During the presentation of the product they said you would get a random set of signed cards, then they proceded to open about 20 “at random” on the air. Everyone was someone - both “A” list (Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, Allen Iverson) as well as some “B” list (Phil Neikro, William Perry, John Salley). I figured hell, if I get 2 "A"s or even 3 or 4 "B"s in my random set I will more than make my money back.

Random . . . yeah, right.

My set consisted of 7 NBA players (most of which I have never heard of before, none of which were "C"s), 2 NFL players (both of whom were kickers and maybe “C” list) and 1 hockey player (who I think played for 5 minutes for the Nordiques).

But wait - here is the point of my story :

On the form that came with my order there was a return slip. On that slip one of the reasons for returning was “item not as described on T.V.”. I checked that box and sent my cards back.

Two weeks later the purchase was credited back to my credit card.

I got no problem with HSN.

Perhaps I was lucky, that is the one and only dealing I have ever had with them. Pretty much the whole experience reminded me that a “great deal” always is a great deal. . . to the seller. . .and not to impulse buy after midnight.