"The Honeywind Blows..."

Does anyone know who performed this song? I heard it on KJOI in Los Angeles, abotut this time in 1986…
“The honeywind blows and the warm days dwindle
The butterfly spins a silk cocoon on a silvery spindle…”
There’s an excellent oldies store in Downey, CA, Wenazel’s Music Town; before I go there to look for “The Honeywind Blows” I’d like to identify the artist.
Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

Glen Yarbrough.

And the album is on RCA Victor

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:
The very first time I heard this on the radio, something apropos happed. The song opened:
“The honeywind blows…” and I farted! :wink:

I have been to a well-known record shop–Wenzel’s Music Town in Downey, CA. According to an old catalog, Yarborough’s song has Honey and Wine in the title. The proprietor said I should look for “The Honeywind Blows” under the Brothers Four, or Harry Belafonte, or one other artist… :frowning:

Yes, it *is/i] Glen Yarborough. I got a catalog of country-western music and it included a Glen Yarborough CD. I ordered it and got it; and “The Honey Wind Blows” is indeed on this CD.
I stand corrected. :o