The horror of blimps

Yep, that’s the way.

Marconi & Schmeese I’m not sure which is more evil… The blimp… Or the fact that you linked it here… Let us all watch as the SDMB readership brings the Zany Brainy website to its knees…

And for the record, the OP has not failed to make me laugh out loud, even on the third and fourth complete read-throughs… Scylla, I salute you…

They’re already going out of business (don’t tell me they and the Right Start/FAO empire aren’t - most of my manufacturers stopped shipping to them back in SEPTEMBER of 2002 - well before any announcements) - I’m just trying to help them get rid of their blimps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good heavens, what a wonder that was!! Truly a masterpiece that is a prime example of why I frequent this board!

…I have so much to learn…

Hey Scylla, write me a book! Really, I mean it. You could probably write the world’s funniest children’s book, and just think how much your daughter would love it.

Alto (the children’s book editor)

I thank you, Scylla, for a good laugh and the perfect Valentines Day gift!

Scylla, as usual, you destroy.

Absolutely brilliant. As Always.

It’s not dead yet, we’re just on hiatus. Stay tuned.

[Captain Beefheart]

The Blimp! The Blimp!

[/Captain Beefheart]

Scylla had previously given me carte blanche to use whatever he posted at TE, so it’s there.

Thanks folks! I’m speechless.
(Euty, that Carte Blanche does have a 21% apr attached to it :wink: )

Scylla speechless?!? OK guys, now the bullshit is getting deep…


I’m in awe.

That was great.

Euty, I hear American Express will give you 12% apr on transferred balances…

Oh wow. That was just…wow…

throws flowers

Encore! Encore!:smiley:

Lordy, Scylla. I’m exhausted from laughing so hard!


Hey everyone, I’m new here but my friend sent me a link to this thread…I was absolutely dying reading it! And I have to agree, Dave Barry may have some serious competition soon if Scylla ever decides to publish this stuff… :smiley:

Just to bump this story with my own account of the Dread Zeppelin:
As soon as I read this story and saw the link, I immediately ordered one for Mr. Singular. Fortunately, it was delivered in a timely fashion-right on Valentines Day! So we went down to party store and rented a tank and bought a bunch of balloons to boot. Little did I know I was about to ruin a life!
We brought it home and blew it up, and put it together. We finally figured it out, and sent it puttering around the room. After a while, we realized the dog was missing. We called for him, but no response. We finally found him cringing in the bathtub. Now the bathtub is where he goes when he’s scared, like during bad storms or earthquakes or Joan Rivers shows, so we weren’t sure what was wrong. We finally figured it out when he slunk around the perimeter of the living room to get to the bedroom, kind of like a living baseboard. He is absolutely terrified of the blimp! And, honest, we really didn’t chase him with it, since we know he is about as macho as Michael Jackson. But for some reason, he is very threatened by it, and his life has become a living hell. This morning I has to make him leave the bathroom so I could close the door, and he is so paralysed with fear, he couldn’t even jump up on the bed and let Mr. Singulr comfort him-all he culd do was stand beside the bed with his head laying on it. I tried to help him by putting him front legs up on the bed (it must be added that he is a 70# black lab/pot luck blend), and he just stood there with half his body limp on the bed, like a beached seal. He looks like we need to use the tank to pump him back up. He’s just moping around, defeated and deflated.
So we might have to get rid of the blimp, which is a shame, because it is pretty fun. It does creep up on you and slowly follow you around, and it seems to want to make a sandwich, since it keeps floating into the kitchen. This morning I had to chase it out of my chair, which is easier than chasing the cat or the dog out every morning. The motor that hangs below the balloon also has 2 little blinking lights that look like eyes, so it’s got a cool ET thing happening, too. But if it means my dog has to live in the bathroom, I guess I’m going to have to find it a new home-somewhere without neurotic animals.
Just thought I’d share!

LOL, funniest thread I have ever read here!

[Mr. Burns]

Blimp attack?

[/Mr. Burns]