The Horrors of Room 101

In the novel, 1984, Winston Smith is faced with the thing he fears most, rats.

He cracks and as you all know tells them to do it to Julia

I have a horror of blowflies and I assure you if a helmet was placed on my head full of those bastards, Julia would be toast.

So what thing/s would make you cave in?

Those big black centipedes. Sorry Julia.

Cockroaches. The big ones down along the Gulf Coast. Some people call them palmetto bugs.

:: shudder ::

Most bugs don’t faze me, but I have a horror of stag beetles. When I was a kid, one of these critters flew into my face, and I’ve had nightmares about 'em ever since.

Roaches or spiders. If you gave me both, I’d do it to Julia myself. :frowning:

Heh. No surprise that the two Houstonians here both instantly went, “roaches.” :smiley:

Holy crap, them as well as blowflies are now on my list

I hate bugs, but I think they’d have to escalate to rats on me. I once dreamed that rats were attacking me. I still get the heebie-jeebies thinking about that.

Any bug, really. I was watching the new (well, 2005) King Kong, and those HUGE bugs in there would just… it would not be pretty.

In the real world, anything like the bug-cave in Temple of Doom. Or Red Wasps. those are the worst.

“Carnies. You know… circus folk”

I share a weakness with Dr. Jones. I would do just about anything to get away from snakes.

Yes, but you need to specify why. :wink:


With slugs a close second.
Yeah, I know.

Thanks, I forgot.


There was an episode of **Fear Factor ** where the contestants had to eat slugs. Live slugs. BIG live slugs.

If that had been me, I would have taken one look and said, “I’m out. Screw the million.”

Same/similar here.

Gahh! Gaahhh!

The things in gigi’s link. I hate those things.

Sorry, Julia.

Egad. What horrors…

Basically any large bugs.

Even butterflies crawling on me will freak me out.

There’s some sort of beetle dead right outside the office door - I have to check and make sure its dead before I can leave work. It was worse yesterday - it was still alive.

And yet, I’m the designated spider killer at home.

Anything with more than four legs creeps me the fuck out (except for maybe butterflies and ladybugs). I’d probably give up my own mother if I were forced to face them en masse.