The Humblebrag Thread

This thread allows you to brag, humbly or less so, about a trivial personal accomplishment that you are somewhat proud of despite its general meaningless. You are a speck of dust on a small planet in the middle of a vast cosmos. At the same time, you are uniquely you and perhaps a very stable genius who wants nothing but world peace and maybe to have your face on money.

In that light, I am pleased to announce finishing this weeks New York Times crossword puzzle in 32 minutes. Is this important? No. Am I going to humblebrag anyway? That’s about half right. And my right. Maybe even my presidential obligation.

What thing, trivial or thunderous, are you proud of?

I fathered and raised two individuals who are each an order of magnitude finer people than I.

I was 18, fresh out of high school, and working at MarineWorld in California, working with dolphins and sea lions mostly. One day, the head trainer approached me and asked if I wanted to work the “Whale Show.” Without hesitation, I said yes. I wasn’t sure what I would be asked to do, but in my mind, it was a promotion. The following week I was being trained how to ride the back of an 8,000-pound Orca and not fall off and die. The first time I did it, I was scared shitless, but I somehow got through it and continued riding Orcas during the summer for the next 3 years, five times a day. I’m very proud of saying yes. If I had thought about it for 10 seconds I might have said no thanks…

I’m proud, so proud of the Li’l wrecker.
She’s a very successful student, fixing to start her last year of Grad classes.
She’s talented. Just starred in a musical for the Community theatre.
To great applause and a full theatre every performance.

But you know what I’m really really proud of ?
She’s a good person. Giving and thoughtful. She’s helpful and will get in there and fight for you, if needed.
She beams love right out of her pores for the helpless and needy.

I just love that girl.

I beat Lost Vikings and Lost Vikings 2 without cheating.

I’ve managed not to kill myself. Somedays this seems like no biggie. At other times, I feel that a weaker person would have committed suicide decades ago.

I once bought a KISS trashcan for $1 and sold it for $125.
I once bought a Magic The Gathering card for a quarter and sold it for over $400.

I may be the only person, other than the author, to have read the majority of F Gwynplain Macintyre’s novel The Lesbian Man. Sadly, due to circumstance beyond my control, I never got to finish it. It was an odd book, with some very strange moments, but it really kept me riveted.

I was once an unofficial part of the Philly Fringe Festival as a street preacher for Cthulhu. Nobody got the joke. If I had it to do over again, I would have done street preaching for Sauron.

In less than three weeks I’ll be visiting my twenty-fourth country.

I beat Cervaise by at least four, including some that no longer exist. And I didn’t even try!

On a school trip (with 24 pupils and 6 staff), we had reserved a hotel for an overnight stay.
When we checked in, our senior member of staff (Ian) presented a school credit card … it was declined. :astonished: :flushed: :open_mouth:

Fortunately I was able to pass Ian my credit card, which solved the problem. :sunglasses:

And hopefully gain enough points to travel elsewhere!




  1. an ostensibly modest or self-deprecating statement whose actual purpose is to draw attention to something of which one is proud.

In less than two weeks I am moving overseas to become a digital nomad.

I’m 62.

I am on pace to have 4 master’s degrees and 8 certificates by mid-2024 - all for free (paid for by employer).

(it’s mainly because there’s a great deal of overlap between those programs, so I only need to take 20+ classes to get the whole basket)

I am going to be interviewed by an ESPN documentarian later this month.

I don’t have anything to humblebrag about.
I’m not sure whether this means I’m not humble or just don’t have anything to brag about

Well, I’ll be completing my 70th decade on the planet next April, so I humbly decided to do something special for it, and since I’ve been fortunate enough to visit six continents in my years here, I’m going to visit the Seventh–Antarctica–next February. So seven for seventy seems a nice achievement.

That’s pretty cool, and very few people can say they have reached so many decades. If you have any health or life advice I am all ears.

I generally do not care for bragging. Other people seem to do it more often and take more pleasure in it than I do. Maybe I also have little to modestboast about.

Considering I just finished a Big Mac and Large fries with a couple of cans of Pepsi, not sure you’d want any health advice from me… :wink: :anguished:

And we all have something (IMHO) that we can modestboast about; if nothing elese, you’ve taught me a new word for my vocabulary.

It is a most cromulent word.

Hokey Smoke! What was the world like in 1323?

I am so tired of bring showered with thanks and appreciation. Can’t I just be helpful and let it go at that?

Not sure if that’s a proper humblebrag. We’re at my in-law’s house so my husband can get some legal and financial issues straight with his folks since he’s their executor and they’re in their 90s. So far, we’ve done some minor repairs and I’ve done some cooking, plus we’re taking over their bill-paying. I know they’re appreciative and all - I just wish they’d stop thanking us all the time. We’re truly not doing anything exceptional - just helping where we can. Because we’re nice, dammit.

And because it’ll make things easier on us when they do die, so it’s a little selfish.