No Stealth Bragging in This Thread

Only outright bragging. We have lots of whiny ranty threads, and this is the opposite. What’s going on in your life that’s totally awesome?

I’ll kick it off with this snippet of an email sent out to my company today about a new employee recognition yadda yadda:


Go, me!

Helloooo Nurse! :wink:

Nothing that tops that.
Recently, my biggest accomplishment was bsing a four page paper hours before it was due and getting an A.

And yes, go you.

I got into an honors program I wanted. Woo!

I came into some money recently; don’t really need to work for the next five or six years. I don’t plan to put it off that long, but I’m kinda looking forward to job hunting when I can really look for something I want to do.

And I won the spring tournament at my curling club.

I found out Wednesday that I was voted Employee of the Month for May. I don’t know who cast the first vote, but my boss agreed with it and threw in her own vote, and I don’t know who else did, but it’s a nomination done each month for and by co-workers. So I guess they really do like me. I missed the meeting in which the announcement was made (ironic?) but I hear my boss went on about how much I help out to an extent that others may not realize. I get to take a free day off and treated to lunch. Yay me, too!

Thanks for starting the thread, I wouldn’t have posted this otherwise!

My hospital’s Chief Exec went to a GP surgery this week and asked if they had and positive or negative feedback about the hospital where I work (~4000 employees). They said yes, Rekkah (my name specifically) in the lab is fantastic.


Hurray for all of you! Go you!!!

Very minor, but I was able to stop a mistake from being seen. Mistakes happen, everyone knows this, but its important to us that nobody knows about them. I saw it, fixed it and nobody but the person who made the mistake knows. (I told him about it because he needed to know…not to beat him up about it.)

Great stuff, folks!

Mine: I’m heading into the last week of the coolest class of all time. It’s a summer institute at Harvard, taught by Maria Tatar. The course is called Golden Compass as Moral Compass: Ethics and Aesthetics of Fairy Tales and Fantasy. I and 15 other very cool teachers from across the US are reading fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Arabian Nights, and a lot more, and discussing central themes, various analytical approaches, cultural and historical contexts, etc. I’m writing a paper for graduate credit called “Toward a Pedagogy of Fanfic,” about the idea of allowing students to use copyrighted characters and settings in their fiction, based on the work of cultural analysts like Henry Jenkins.

It’s been an amazing class, and I’m having a blast.

I took several thousand pictures of fruit fly ovaries under the microscope that no one will ever look at and which it’s looking more and more like won’t even lead to a publication.

Sorry - wrong thread.

After ten years of coupledom I still have an amazing relationship with my spouse. We survived age 19 to 29, one of the greatest periods of change in a person’s life, by changing together. It’s like it gets better every day. And given the multiple terrible relationships I have witnessed throughout my life, I’d say that’s a pretty big accomplishment.

Also, this isn’t something I can really take credit for, but I’m finally on a combination of psychotropic medicine that works. I have been getting steadily better for months, and have had almost zero symptoms of depression in the last three or four weeks (virtually unheard of.) Not only that, but I also found a pill that helps with my endometriosis and keeps me hormonally stable. I’ve never felt better.

Thanks for starting this, WhyNot. Go you, and all of you here! Yes, even Smeghead. :smiley:

Okay, I’ll share. 4 weeks ago I had major surgery to correct something I’d been suffering from since 2004. I found an excellent and very experienced neurosurgeon in Erie PA (I live in Northern California). I’m fortunate to have the means to travel there for this procedure. Stanford, UCSF and UC Davis are within easy drive distances from my home, and even UCLA and UCSD aren’t all that far, but none of the neurosurgeons there have the experience this guy does in Erie.

My visit and procedure went very well. The moment I first ‘came to’ after surgery the problem was completely gone, and it hasn’t recurred and isn’t expected to! I’m currently at home resting and recuperating, on medical leave from work. My recovery has gone very well, very quickly, and I will go back to work on Monday.

I feel great, and this is the best I’ve felt since the onset of this disease. I cannot thank Dr. Raymond Sekula and his team enough!

Each of my todays is the first day of the rest of my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, me!!

We really need to get off our butts and do a Boston dopefest.

Bizarrely, I went to an online friend’s house for a D&D game on Thursday. Another guy I met there asked me my name on a D&D messageboard, and when I told him, he knew my Doper username from that. Small world!

In the last 18 months I have doubled my salary. I completed my MBA from a prestigious university, received a promotion and just two months ago changed careers and moved into management consulting.

My first client engagement was originally signed for eight weeks. The client has extended me through the end of the year after the first four weeks on the job (Cha-ching. Bonus). I’ve worked with a more experienced consultant to develop an offering and we’re taking it to a decision maker in a few weeks. (Cha-ching. Another bonus). My boss and his boss and the client all see me as a rock-star, and I love going in to work every day.

My wife and I completed b-school together. She starts a new job next week as a consultant also and upped her salary by 30%. We’ll have our student loans paid of within a year making us debt free once we sell the house. We’re each now making more than we did combined four years ago. We’ve managed to prosper and improve our lot in a down economy.

My wife and I have been married seven years. We’re partners and sometimes we want to choke each other, but we get along well the vast majority of the time, we don’t really argue about much and when we disagree we manage to work it out amicably. Neither of us have much room to complain about the other. We’re still attracted to each other and our sex life is outstanding.

I just got some fine booty. :smiley:

I just ran a 5K in under 35 mins - my first race in 4 years :slight_smile:

And raised roughly £1000 for charity doing it!

I managed to make my daughter, my husband, my BIL/SIL/ParentsIL and ME all happy with one vacation booking. Today I am a master of compromise.

This might not be too impressive to most folks, but today we cleaned our garage. We hauled a truckload of miscellany to the dump, rearranged a few things to make the space more functional, and swept out a multitude of leaves and dirt. All of my gardening tools are in one place, all of my husband’s shop tools are now in the shop, and the stoopit doors on the built-in cabinet have been removed and junked. It makes more sense just to have open shelves.

The garage looks huge!! There’s room to park 2 vehicles and walk around both of them without tripping over crap! Things that should have been tossed ages ago are gone, and other things are now stored on shelves or hanging from hooks. I should take pictures! :smiley: Go me and my sweetie!!! :smiley:

It appears that I am in the process of creating a new human.