The hunt for software

In this case I am Ignorant, so I turn to the teeming Millions:
Does anybody know of a good software to use as
a tool for follow ups to client visits?
I have searched the net over and cant find anything that
will allow me to catalog my clients info along with a
a page for notes that will alert me when I need to contact
them again, sort of like a debt collection program but
without the $$$ part involved.

ACT! is a very popular application for things like this.

One of the big names in contact management software is Act!. The best software depends exactly what your needs are. You can try Yahoo’s Personal Information Management section for a list of other packages.

See – I told you Act! was one of the big names.

The category of software you’re looking for is Customer Relationship Management, aka CRM. Do a search for either and you should see some good options.

We use Goldmine from Frontrange Solutions. I don’t use it myself, I just support it, but I understand it’s also fairly popular, and very customizable. I’ve seen it for sale at the various office supply stores.