Software for Customer Support

Okay, I thought I was pretty “Internet Search” savvy. Evidently I’m not.

I need to find a good software package that manages customer email support. I have spent the better part of an hour searching online and I’m getting garbage.

Does anyone know anything about this type of software and where I might start looking?


I’m not entirely clear what you’re looking for.
Do you need software that manages customer e-mails requesting support (say, forwarding them to the right tech)? Software that provides an e-mail system with support (a diagnostic suite)? A suite that provides customers with e-mail (and other supporting applications)?
Please enhance.

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I’m sorry, I wasn’t very clear.

What I want is software that will manage the support email that we (as the company get). I want a simpler way to track whether the email has been answered. I want to be able to go back and email the customer when a bug has been fixed, etc.

Does this clear it up or am I still being vague?


Much clearer, now, thank you.
Having said so much, the bad news: I am not aware that there are any software packages being sold as such for this purpose. I have seen both VM- (using REXX) and Notes- (using Lotus Script) based systems that perform this function (or close enough to it), but they were in-house developments.
*I’ll ask around among those much more in tune with the PC/LAN environment than I.

“Kings die, and leave their crowns to their sons. Shmuel HaKatan took all the treasures in the world, and went away.”


Please do ask around, I really appreciate it.


Well, if you want to spend some time building forms, shared folders, and such, you can do something similar in Outlook98. It is a pain, and not extreamly automated, but it’ll work. Or you might try a program called “Goldmine” it’s more geared towards salesmen, and keeping track of calls, visits,e-mail and things like that. As I recall from the one time I reviewed it for my company, the biggest drawback is that someone has to be in charge of it, build users, assign permissions…etc. And it has a tendancy to start taking large chuncks of network drive space. Good Luck…Kris

Here’s a link to the Goldmine homepage…take a look at the FrontOffice 2000 program…

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We use Clientele at my work- it tracks phone support calls as well as e-mail. The way that it works is that the person who originally deals with the problem opens a call, types in th description (and method of contact), and, if the problem is resolved, closes the call. If it is not resolved they can exit out of the call without closing it and a report can be generated for all open calls.

The support side of Clientele is excellent- the sales module leaves a lot to be desired though…

Forgot to include a link: its

It also has a knowledge base DB you can use. In typical tech geek fashion, ours is named “Yoda”. If a call is opened that deals with an issue that is similar to a previously resolved issue, you can do a natural language or boolean search for key words before providing a client response.

Our comnpany looked at several tech support tracking software packages and Clientele was easily the best package and best value.

A simple solution is to just use a CGI script [free from] that lets you make a form for each area of email support you want. They then automatically email a generic reply to the customer that they got their form & emails you with the completed form contents.

This sounds like a slight modification of common support software that generates trouble tickets. I researched this several years ago for a client and there were a lot of products available. The good ones would work on a network and allow an operator to take a phone call, open up a new trouble ticket, forward it to the appropriate people, etc. The tickets would remain open until the problem was resolved. Also, a history is kept of all transactions with the customer. If that customer calls in the future, you can type in his or her name, and once verified have a record of every phone call or E-mail they’ve sent to the company, along with what was done for them. So if they say they still can’t get something to work the operator can instantly respond, “Well, it says that James B. solved your problem for you and notified you of a fix on April 13. Let me forward you to James.”

I’d be surprised if such products didn’t support E-mail contacts now.

To find them, search the internet for “Help Desk Software”, “Trouble Tickets” “Customer Support Software”, etc.