The Hunted==First Blood?

What are you guys expecting out of this movie? I really like Benicio Del Toro, but wasn’t this story told once before in First Blood? It looks to me to be almost the same thing, though I am only getting my info from the commercials.

I also think, again based only on the commercials, that TLJ would have no chance against BDT. He looks old and weak.

Anyone wanna see this flick?

No. It was told three times before! (First Blood; Rambo: First Blood part duex; and whatever they called the third one)…Timmy

They called the third one Rambo III, which makes for a nice trivia trick question, “Who starred in Rambo II?”

I thought the same thing when I saw the commercial for this movie. I’m sure it’s different in the same way that the bass line in Ice Ice Baby was different from the one in Under Pressure.

I’ve always thought they should have titled Rambo III “Rambo II, First Blood III” but I suppose they thought it sounded too much like a score…

Not even close man. First Blood was a far different story than the other 2 sequals. The sequals were more commando missions, the original was, well, Hunted/First Blood. That is why I compare it to FB and not Rambo.

Well, in defense of The Hunted, it’s not a total rip of First Blood.

In First Blood, Rambo is just passing through town, trying to get something to eat, but is hassled by the cops. He wouldn’t have gone on his rampage had he not been hassled.

In The Hunted, on the other hand, hassled or not, Del Toro has this “cause” to hunt hunters for sport.

Okay, weak defense, I know…