The 'I didn't make the list' thread.

Haven’t made any of those lists like most handsome, most popular, most beautiful, best flamer? Feeling down about it? Feeling like you have a face that only a mother could love? Feeling like you are as popular as a cardboard box? Well you are in the right thread!
I now that you aren’t jealous about not being mentioned in those threads but if your like me you just like to see your nick in print every once in a while.

So feel free to describe your best virtues here or just type in “damn you all to hell I was left out” and I will take notice. Heck, your number one on my list for just posting here! Ok, Ok, so I ain’t Mr. Blackwell but I ain’t chopped liver either.

( Looking in the mirror and chanting) I am good enough, I’m smart enough and by golly I’m just plain good looking…

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The " I didn’t make the list" thread

I was just gonna say that “The” is such a loaded word, I couldn’t believe you made it the title of your thread. I’m offended by it, and hey, we’re not all rocket scientists, here. Let’s use words we ALL can understand! (Stolen-er…paraphrased from Dilbert.)

Just giving you a hard time…I’ve been burned on the quotes SEVERAL times. :wink:

i am a fun-gi. sum peeple think i am nice or sweet or cute or smart.

y dosn’t anyon like mee?

aha, you are always number one on my list of anything and everything, so you wasted a thread.

Ahem, damn you all to hell, I was left out! There, I feel much better. Well aha, you might not be Mr. Blackwell, but it is still nice to be mentioned on any list (especially after not being on one for a long, long time). Especially since I would be on the worst dressed side of Mr. Blackwell’s list.

Damn you all I didn’t make the list.

You’re right Aha, I DO feel better!!!

Oh, poopers, I guess it’s the thread in which I can wallow in self-pity. Woohoo!


aha said:

Nah–people occasionally wanta cardboard box.

Uh…I’m better looking than Herman Munster. Er…I’m sexier than most roadkill. I’m more fun than…well, than watching grass die during a drought. And I’m sure there are several more that I can’t think of at the moment.

This is more promising. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL, I WAS LEFT OUT! There, now I feel much better.

Ohh shoot thanks Ultress but you are just saying that because we’re best friends but thanks :slight_smile:

Vougue Vix Yeah my computer really sucks big time sometimes. When I cut/delete something in the message field it cuts my subject line too…go figure…maybe we need tech chick for this one!

As you can see, I’m a newbie, 6 days. When I read a few of the posts where everyone is mentioning someone else by name, my childish ego began to kick around a plan about how to win EVERY SINGLE LAST PERSON over to the wonder that is mojo57. I would make everyone wonder how they had lived so long without the benefit of my wit, humor and opinion on about every thing on the damn planet. I wanted to be personally welcomed by Uncle Cecil, Ed Zotti et al. Hell even the people whose names I didn’t know names yet.

Well, while my feeble brain was formulating this masterful plan and my inner child whined loudly, I decided to do something really profound. I ACTUALLY TOOK THE TIME TO READ SOME OF THE OLDER POSTS ! ! ! I quickly came to the realization that my opinions, though many, were merely ordinary and my wit, humor and $2.50 will get you a so-so cup of latte.

When it comes to sucking up, you sir are the master. grovel, slurp Although I didn’t think you would shoot that poor puppy either.

And I also happened to catch what happened to one, uhm, person who tried to steamroller his way in and over every single person who dared to speak to or about anyone other than him. Poor SJ, I almost felt sorry for him. Almost, but if you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.

So even though I haven’t made anyone’s list, I’m OK with that.
inner child whines, you must love me, you must
SMACK Shut up kid, before I shoot you.

Sorry about that embarrassing interuption. Let’s see where was I?..I’m OK with that really. Just for the record, Mojo57 doesn’t not whine.

I can tie cherry stems in a knot with my tounge. Doesn’t that count for something?

Okay, you are all on Scotti’s list of posters I didn’t know well enough to put on my other lists, but if I had of, I would of.

How’s that?


[Beaker strolls in haughtily]

You fools! How dare you ignore the miracle that is Beaker? I am smart, witty, cute, and ocerall a gift to your little meaningless lives.

However, I forgive you. Please do not repeat this most grievous error in the future.

[Beaker marches out as haughtily as she came in.]

[A few moments go by]

[Suddenly Beaker comes rushing back onto the board and throws herself at everyone’s feet.]

Please, please, please can’t I be on your lists? Please?! PLEASE?!

I’ll pay money!

a place for me. I am charming, intelligent, witty, employed, live in a fabulous city - and one of my nicknames is Lips. :smiley:

Since in over 1,000 posts I have apparently made no impression of any kind on anyone (or on anyone of any kind).

I don’t even have a cool nickname; IRL my nickname is “Bird.” Sigh.


If I DO get mentioned it’s usually after I say that no one mentioned me, so I don’t read those threads anymore.

I’m not a model, but I don’t frighten small children so I can’t be that bad! sniff**sob

If this isn’t just the way? a group that might actually be despera…uh, kind enough to accept me and AOL starts eating my killtimer.

Typing very quickly, I share all of MysterEcks’ personal qualities except the creativity to list them. But maybe not the personal attraction of roadkill. Lots of people here seem suprisingly receptive, sexually speaking, to squished fauna.

BUT I do have a chilled bottle of cheap, uh, COLD bubbly for aha. Didn’t I enjoy and publically defend aha’s hilarious Linus In The Pumpkin Patch vigil that lured no less a personage than Cecil himself out of seclusion?

Don’t make me grovel, honestly. My joints crack and the sight would turn the stomach of much more hardened folks than you.


I would love to resopnd to this thread… but I think it would have to be moved to the pit to express myself fully.

Count me in as another one of the invisible people.

inhales deeply