The I Don't Have A Topic MMP

We are indeed.


just an update …after much nausea and spewing I went in the er… I have covid and pneumonia and am taking a small list of stuff… no breathing problems…ill detail my adventures later tho…

For our sakes, please take all the medicines as directed, on time and until gone (especially any antibiotics). Drinks lots of water, hot tea, etc.

Please keep checking in and letting us know how you’re doing.

I’m so so sorry to hear this. Stay hydrated, stay in bed, follow doctor’s orders. Get well.


{ {{Shady}} } (very distanced hug)

I’m about on target for moving- despite the fact that I realised I’d been too optimistic about what I could fit in my single car load. I couldn’t bring myself to throw out either my sensible or ridiculous possessions, and I couldn’t even donate stuff like books to anyone due to everywhere being shut, ad as it turns out, I have a small car, not a van. Luckily I have an awesome friend who drove over today and collected a load of stuff (a 5 hour round trip). I’ll come and pick it up from theirs next weekend, as they live roughly halfway between here and the new place.

My boss has agreed to cover my last class as well, which takes a bit more last minute stress off- just one, first thing, then that’s it. Just the move to a new house, new city, new job… Way less stressful than the thought of going back to the old one ever again.

Glad to hear that some sunlight is coming through. I’d like to buy that friend with the van and your boss a pint first chance I get.

We have cut the cable - at least the TV portion. And I’ve just about finished setting up the new WiFi - wishing I’d picked a shorter password! :rofl: It will take a bit of getting used to youtubeTV since it doesn’t have the same flexibility as cable, but we can deal. Now I just have to box up the stuff that has to be sent back to atlantic broadband. At least they provide a prepaid UPS label.

I hauled a cabinet and its gazillion drawers out to the shop for FCD - one less thing in the basement. Supper will involve foraging for leftovers. I still need to walk. It’s been a crazy day.

{{{nellie}}} - good thoughts coming your way. You know you can PM any of us if you need to unload in private. And you know we care about you - really!

shady - dang! Healing waves directed your way!

OK, Time to… do something…

So, yeah… Cheap wine.

Costco is fairly convenient to the orifice, so I thought I’d get a couple of 1.5 litre bottles of Kirkland cabernet sauvignon. I ended up getting three bottles, because that’s how many were in the box. And for a total of 24 bucks, why not?

But before I got the wine, I went to look for a treat for Mrs. L.A. (I didn’t see anything in particular, so I didn’t get her anything. It’s the thought that counts, right?) But I did see cauliflower-and-egg wraps. I’m guessing they’re more like creeps (<= MMP spelling) than tortillas, but they’re zero-carb.

Howdy all. Tried to take a nap but got woken up by a phone call telling me of a bogus Amazon charge and to call… It’s a scam of course but once up I couldn’t resume nappage, so checking messages.

{{{{Nellie}}}}, quietly said it better than I could have, so I’ll let him say it again:

shady, aw, rats. Follow the Doc’s instructions and be well.

Nut, like the old saying, friends help you move. Great friends help you move the body… take care.

Ok, back to browsing. Everyone take care.

Appendages crossed for PWAISDN’s possible grant gotti.

I’m glad that you have friends to give you a hand with moving nut. I hope that you can get into your new digs quickly.

Good luck to your daughter *Moooooom. I’m fixing to leave Sketchers behind too. I bought a pair about a year ago that weren’t comfortable to walk in, so they went to the bottom of the shoe rack after ~three wears until last week. Now they’re in the GW donation box. I thought it was a fluke, so I ordered a pair of a style that usually work for me, but they’re not comfy to spend any time at all on my feet on. They have met the same fate. I’m heading to Good Feet or Fleet Feet soon.


I hope that you’re feeling better soon shady. Hugs.

It was a weird day at irk today. A morning meeting with my boss and immediately folling, a Zoom with her, my last boss, the new reconciler and me. I’ve been doing things in a scattershot way all day. As soon as I get started on one thing, I was called to another. I’d forgotten how much time that training someone takes.

I met the newest neighbor this evening and Nelson got to meet her Aussie Molly. She’s a single mom to two preschoolers.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

So the Canes beat the Wings last night. Which is admittedly in the “finding a needle in a needle stack” level of difficulty, but a win is a win. Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to sort.

Everything is inappropriate if you put your mind to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get surprisingly good plonk.

Nettie, I had a Lyft driver do that. Lyft nailed him with the GPS data. I hope you reported him.

: dons CDC hazmat suit :
: doffs CDC hazmat suit :

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 46 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 60 with rain for the day. Looks like the rain will be with us this afternoon. Fine by me as we have nowhere we need or want to be. Sup shall be majik intartoobz pizza and sallit. Remember how I said I had no desire or want to leave da cave yestiddy? Well, my phone thought differently. See, it had been actin’ up for a while and I knew that meant I’d need to do sump’n sooner or later. Phone decided on sooner and up and died on me big time. Thus, I betook myself to the ATT sto’ and am now the owner of an iPhone SE. I got a deal on the thing, so there’s that.

{{{Nellie}}} we are indeed here whenever you need us. Hope you got out for that walk. Fresh air and sunshine can do a body wonders. Also, eat. Heck, eat anything you want. Have cookies, chawklit, and ice cream for sup if you want.

{{{Shades}}} hope you’re better soonest. Like others have said, take your meds, hydrate, get plenty of rest.

Flyboy ain’t no shame in cheap wine.

Quietly ummm… EEW!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah,

Happy Firday Y’all!

Woke too early to the sound of the furnace firing - I forgot to add pellets to the stove last night, so it burned out and it was cooler than normal inside. However, it just ignited, so warmth shall soon spread.

Today’s big chore is taking the box of assorted stuff for the cable company down to the UPS store. Since it happens to be across the street from Aldi, I’ll pop in there and see what’s to be seen. Rain is promised, but not till later. With luck, my erranding will not be soggy.

General tidying is on the agenda. Not much beyond that. Happy Firday!!

I got a text yesterday from my GP to go and get my COVID vaccination (they are down to over 75s now). It said phone for an appointment. When I call, I an 9 in the queue and when I speak to a person, half an hour later, all slots are gone - “call again next Tuesday…” Oh well.

Shopping this morning as on every Friday. Masks are now mandatory in shops and when that was announced, I commented that they would need some burly security people at the door to enforce it. I was pleased to see that my local Tesco went the other route and put a pretty, young blonde on the job. Probably more effective, but I did feel sorry for the poor girl - it was 0 degrees C where she was stationed.


Have masks not been mandatory till now? Here they’ve been the rule since April or May at least. Of course, there are the clueless who leave their noses out - yeah, that does a lot of good. :roll_eyes:

Atlantic Broadband has this thing called WiFi Your Way. It involves pods that can be plugged in around the house to “enhance” you wifi experience. Except the WiFi built into the modem seems to be working just fine. All 3 TVs can stream without issues, and our phones, tablets, and laptop all connect and operate without issues. Near as I can tell, all it does is create another network in the house. I just unplugged the stupid things - as far as I’m concerned, they’re worthless. I’d love for someone at the company to explain to me why I would want them, especially since we don’t have Ring or a bunch of Alexa-connected devices or any of that stuff. But communicating with ABB is a pain in the ass at best.

OK, time to shower and dress I guess. Then figure out when the UPS store opens. I want to get erranding done as soon as possible. Before rain, for sure.

Last night I tried the cauliflower-egg wraps to make burritos out of the remaining chile verde. They tasted OK. Structurally, they’re very thin and flimsy-feeling. A month or two ago I attempted to make ‘egg wraps’ by basically making a very thin omelette. It worked well enough, but they were a little thicker than I would have liked, and they tore easily. The cauliflower-egg wraps felt flimsy, but they didn’t tear. Being thin, the ends folded very easily. They might be a good addition to the diet; only they’re a bit pricy. You get 14 for about $8.50. They were on sale for six-something, which I think is just on the border of too much. We’ll see.

I think we may go back to Paso del Norte for dinner. It’s Friday, after all. Mrs. L.A. got the new hoodie she bought as a Christmas present from me, and suggested we go there so she could wear it.

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s grey and damp out there. The weather app says “Do you think Mother Nature cares that you’re cold? She fucking doesn’t” and promises me 0C/32F to 1C/34F and cloudy. There are also rumours of snow and ice, but hopefully not in my bit of Middle England.

[[[[[nellie]]]]] good to see you posted, please take a walk and get some fresh air and daylight…eat what you want when you want to, and just let us know you’re ok. Always here if you need us, or if you don’t :slight_smile:

[[[shady]]] sorry to hear you are so poorly. Take your meds, drink your water, look after yourself!

Moooom facemasks in supermarkets have been mandatory for months but many people just don’t bother (or wear them as chinstraps or under the nose), and the supermarkets have not enforced it either. Now they’re starting to get tougher on it, which is a very good thing as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be waiting a long time for my vaccination, due to being in the lowest priority group, or so it seems, and I need everyone else to do as they’re told! No burly security man on the door at Morrisons this week either, just the usual short, rotund, bald chappie who always says hello and makes a fuss of George, the supermarket cat.

Irking today, lots of meetings and nothing very much achieved either. I’m planning to get logged off work by 5pm and do a workout to get my weekend off to a good start. No plans for anything apart from a ridiculously early appointment at the eye hospital tomorrow.

nut good luck with the move, you’ve got a very good friend there!

Morning all. Phone rang at 7:15am, but they hung up after 2 rings, but I was already up. Stripped the bed sheets and tossed them in the washer and fetched the paper, then heard the CO2 alarm chirping so I replaced the battery (9V). Long as I was up on the ladder I decided to check the fire alarm and surprise…it didn’t have any battery (does not use a AA or AAA, so I’ll have to wander over to the Batteries and Bulbs store). Will check the other alarm in my bedroom once I have batteries.

So that was enough excitement for this early in the morning. Still have my Sudoku’s and Jumbles to do. 45F outside but only getting to 48F for a high, but at least no rain.

2bob, masks have also been required wearing here in Ali-bama in stores or indeed, most places inside that are not your house. Hope people are smart enough to use them.

swampy, congrats on the new phone. I might even think some more about getting one…

Ok, need to get dressed and get those batteries and then forage for nourishment. All y’all have a good day.

All the cable stuff is in the hands of the shipping store, to be passed to UPS. Since FCD wanted to go to Lowe’s, we took his car, so we didn’t have my shopping bags. So no Aldi.

Daughter and fambly are coming over for dinner (and some other stuff) - I’m making a pasta bake and a loaf of italian herb bread. Trying to decide whether to have salad or just a veggie side. Or maybe fruit?

Hard to get motivated. I need to empty the dishwasher, push the vacuum around, and tidy the wreck that is my desk. And walk. Can someone please prod me gently buy firmly, indication they’ll have none of my nonsense? Thanks ever so!


Yesterday was ridiculously busy so I didn’t bother posting. I received yet another piece of regs to read, which brings me up to a total of nearly 2,000 pages to consume, parse and delegate. I’ve only gotten through about half. Anywho, today I have a day “off.” I put that in quotes because, ditz that I am, I neglected to remember I’d moved a meeting I was hosting to this morning at 11. But, after I host it, I’m out. At least I’m not working - this place is different.

I have my slot reserved Sunday for my COVID test. Assuming my daughter brought some particles home from school with her Monday, it’s had time to take hold, and my mom has indicated she’s really lonely and may need help next week. But as far as I’m concerned, no negative test, no visit. Same for the mask.

It’s snowing. We’re under a winter weather advisory even thought we’re only expecting maybe an inch. Kids are still in their PJs and on a short break again. Do they EVER have school?? Even on a regular school year, they never seem to consistently attend school between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.