The I Don't Have A Topic MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and Caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 41 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 51 with rain predicted for the day. Ugh. We shall meet with potential cleanin’ lady at ten this mornin’ and I have Vestry meetin’ this evenin’ which I have decided to attend via Zoom. Glad I have that option especially if’n it’s goin’ to be all icky out. Sup shall be majik intartoobz pizza and sallit, just cause.

So, here it is. No special topic like that matters up in here anyway. Y’all just have at it!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!


It’s dry here today, not too bright but it doesn’t look too bad out there. The weather app says “This is a pretty fucking nice day, if you’re emo” and promises me 6C/43F to 8C/47F which is positively tropical compared to last week.

Busy irk day for me, we have take-home exam papers that need to be published at midday so I’ve been busy checking that everything is ready, all the papers are loaded and everything is looking good for them. My minions are poised to hit the “publish” button on their allocated pages so hopefully everything will go without a hitch.

I have to venture out to the post office later, and as it’s Monday, there will be a new Rockfit class available for this evening’s session of choreographed flailing. Fun times!

Morning (ish) all!

It’s back to the usual damp 'n drizzly here.

Had an online class with 0 students earlier, which was pretty easy at least. Hopefully some do show up later in the week. Pretty lucky they didn’t show up actually- I had multiple people calling me to arrange house/job stuff over when the class shoulda been…

Anyway, I need to head out to the shops to see if I can obtain some cardboard boxes to move my excessive plant collection in. I’m kinda hoping my car is secretly a Tardis at this point, 'cos I can only do one trip.

@Filbert, your move stories are giving me flashbacks to when I moved everything I owned in my car (1968 Plymouth Valiant). I packed up the night before and got up early, ready to drive. Went out and found I had a flat rear tire. I hope your move begins to improve right away and ends up being easy and safe.

So far, a morning of mega-sluggage. I stayed under the covers and played with my tablet till nearly 7, just because. FCD is still abed, and I’ve tended to the critters and breakfasted. He has a report to write (tail end of a last-year’s project) then he’ll be without formal work till maybe next month. His shop is shaping up - neglected equipment repairs are underway so he can build the remote-controlled lawn mower.

Dunno what I’ll do, apart from some laundry. I was such a sloth over the weekend, I really should be productive. I’m also further pissed at LaZBoy - both foot rests on the new sofa refuse to retract entirely. The service tech is coming on the 20th, and I’m about to compose a very unhappy letter to corporate - an actual snail mail letter! We spent well over $7K on all the furniture we bought from them and so far, we’ve got a malfunctioning sofa plus 2 chairs that still haven’t been delivered. There’s also one of the tables that has a cosmetically damaged top, but I didn’t notice it right away and there’s no way to prove it arrived damaged, so I’m stuck there, tho I will mention it. All of a sudden, people are coming out of the woodwork warning me away from LaZBoy - gee, where were you in Sept when we said we were shopping there? Oh well.

Regarding all the Carhartt comments in the last MMP - apart from the outlet, I believe they’re carried at Tractor Supply, too. And FCD also shops (online) at Duluth Trading. He’s kinda rough on his work clothes. I don’t know how many shirts he bought this time, but I need to get him to dispose of an equal number of old ones or he’ll start taking over my drawer space!

Temps in the mid-20s - I shan’t be venturing out any time soon. brrrrrrrrrrr!

Happy Moanday!

Woke up out of drunken stupor a few hours ago, didn’t buy any groceries, it’s cold but sunny here, I’ll have to go get fast food for breakfast I guess.

Drink some water, @CoconutPete!

Not much to report from Ft. Shoe this morning. Still waiting on my stimulus payment (and my tax refund) so that sucks.
'Tis gray, but nothing wet is falling from the sky so that’s good.

I close tonight at irk, so in a moment of adulting I took some leftovers (beef stew, and black beans) outta the freezer to thaw for dinner tonight. The big trick will be remembering that I did so!

Three hours to kill before irk. I could …

  • cut up the last pumpkin that’s hanging about & see if the seeds are still good to roast.
  • repair a chewed-out rat enclosure
  • eat something
  • wash some dishes
  • check out new prospects on dating apps

… or possibly, none of the above. Agenda T.B.D.

All y’all be safe out there & have a great rest of your day!

I was petty last night. I checked my work email in the evening and saw that someone had sent me a ticket number for an IT issue and a webex link telling me to join a meeting. No explanation of why I was being sent a ticket (I don’t work in IT) or what was happening, when the conference call happened to be (I guess they assumed I’d just know?) or even a “Hey, are you free?” So in my most official pointy-headed middle management capacity, I pointed out that I generally don’t have context from a ticket number and would they kindly text me in the event it was an emergency given that it was Sunday afternoon when the email had come in. Anyway, I’m equally pissy (and residually petty) this morning.

For breakfast I had some vegan mushroom, spinach and quinoa pilaf my husband wanted to try but that is especially good if you dump a half gallon of chipotle hot sauce on it. I wish it hadn’t come from a vegan cookbook. It’s silly but if you tell me a food is vegan, I’ll eat it because I know it could be good for me but I associate it with Whole Foods where most of the food has so few preservatives that I’m used to it kinda tastes suspicious while at the same time making me feel inappropriately virtuous. Which is funny because my husband and I, while omnivores, only eat meat about once a week and the rest of the time eat vegetarian. But since it’s called “Indian” and not “vegetarian,” I don’t even bat an eye.

Got the middle schooler delivered to school in spite of the frost refusing to leave my windshield.

Read my morning stuff from y’all cause it’s not a good morning til I do that. Clutching my mug of hot apple cider, planning on crawling back under the down comforter with my aged, decrepit self while the rest of the world figures things out.

Counting on you guys letting me know when it does.

nuttie, hope everything falls into place for you today movewise. Wish we could have six Mumpers on the other end unloading everything for you and setting up your new bed.

FCD has been fed and he’s out at his desk. I hauled the laundry downstairs, sorted it, and started a load. Three more to follow.

Next task - renewing our passports. There’s a way to do it online, so I need to research and get everything together.

Morning all. Stay in bed until 9:15am because I could, now have to get properly dressed and head out for my Jersey Mike’s Monday sammich (a creature of habit am I). There is a trace of snow on the roofs, but none on the ground and it’s supposed to reach a balmy 38F today, so not expecting any.

talky, getting messages that have no explanation or purpose tended to p*** me off too, don’t blame you a bit.

Welcome, Coconut Pete; come on back when you’re not hungover and see if you like life in the MMP.

FCM, I think that I mentioned LaZBoy was way higher priced than most places I went to, but I had no idea that their quality was that bad. I’ve no complaints with my stuff.

Nut, good luck with the move. Here Wal-Mart and U-Haul will sell packing boxes and material to self-movers (I got quite a few from them)., don’t know if GB has anything like that.

OK, off to obtain my ham and provolone with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. All y’all take care now.

We have a winner. Plus, I scooped out the litter box and brought the big trash bin back from the curb.

Where’s my gold star sticker?

Checked all the rat water bottles (an endless, Sisyphean task) and gave them a surprise treat: a scoop of dried mealworms for each group.
That stuff must make them thirsty - you should hear the cacophony of water bottles rattling away.

The chewed-out enclosure … oh, man, they really had a go at it. I’m torn between the time and effort to fix it vs. making a new one (and buying a new tub/lid) so I’ve set that decision aside for Future Purple to worry about.

Meanwhile, I let the kitties out to go sniff at the snow/slush/mud/pawprints of passing intruders, and gave them some chicken scraps from last night’s rotisserie. The remainder joined the other chicken carcass in the freezer, for future soup-ification.

Oh, and I don’t generally share too much about my cannabis consumption habits with you gentle souls, but today’s pre-work smoke is a strain called “Grim Bastard” and I find that apropos for the current general mood.

Here ya go, shoe!
Last load in the washer. Once it goes in the dryer, I’ll tread my mill.

I’ve filled out our passport renewal forms - once we have the photos, and checks (of course) I can send them in. So there have been some accomplishments today.

My hands reek of bleach. ick. I may rub them with garlic to kill the smell…

Morning, all. Just dropping in for a second while my students are watching Arnold’s video and commenting thereon. Sunny, very warm for the middle of January and the cats (well, Pixel) are yowling for more breakfast, dammit! Hope everybody has a safe and happy week and that we don’t see Sumpter 2: Electric Boogaloo anytime in the next, oh, thousand years or so.

We carried Carhartt at Sears, too.

I’m sure I could buy some, but I’m far too cheap- the local fruit 'n veg place gives them away, so I’ll yoink some from there. I didn’t get around to doing it earlier, just packed all the bags, boxes and bits I already have. It’s more the fitting in the car bit I’m worried about- unpacking shouldn’t be too much trouble, it’s fact that all my stuff has apparently been breeding and I’m going to have to get rid of vast quantities to stand a chance of pulling this off.

I’m also trying to clear out the cupboards a bit, meaning I’m gonna be eating some odd meals this week, and apparently drinking spiced mead.

Today is my mom’s 100th birthday (she’s been dead 10 years). This afternoon I see the ophthalmologist for pre-cataract removal measurement.

I can confirm Carhartt at Tractor Supply. I was there yesterday.

I do have a Tractor Supply just down the road a bit; never went in since I don’t own a tractor, but may go browse there next chance I get.

Sammich has been assimilated and bananas for the week have been procured (I try to eat 2 bananas a day, because healthy or something…). The Publix gave me an actual cloth bag to carry the bananas out in, don’t know if it was a promotion or not but I’ll try to remember to use it next time I just need a couple of things.

Snow came down pretty heavy but melted on contact and now has stopped, so Ali-bama will not have the apocalypse today…

Wet one, both of my parents have been gone 20 years, but I still remember them clearly. Good wishes on the cataract removal process.

Nut, I can remember (in my youth) when grocery stores here in the states (well, at least where I live) used to have an area when empty boxes were put for anyone who needed some; haven’t seen that in many years. Hope you can find what you need.

Onward in to the afternoon (I wonder if taking a nap after 8 hours sleep is overdoing things…)