The "I Hate My Hair" Thread

Who’s with me? Who else hates my hair?

Ever have one of those days? Where you comb and brush and spray and pin and just sigh in despair and go, “God, I hate Eve’s hair.”

Well, I don’t hate your hair, Eve…
But I do, on occasion, hate mine. It gets greasy really really easily, and then it gets stringy and limp, and it’s very thin to begin with. So I wash it a lot, and comb it carefully, and curse all the time.

It’s a nice shade of brown, though.

Well, I have had days where I comb and brush and twist and snip and just sigh in despair and go, “God, I hate everything in the world!” which would, I admit, include Eve’s hair. Though probably I would hate it on those particular days for being nicer than mine.

Sorry Eve but I just can’t hold anything against your hair. It’s never offended me personally or kicked me in the shin. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t even know what your hair looks like.
Now my hair on the other hand, I swear is out to get me. It’s straight to casual viewers. But that illusion is just part of it’s evil plan. It looks straight but it really wants to be curly. So I’ve got half my hair trying to be free (aka trying to take over the world /frizzy) while the other half sits quietly with hands folded in lap.

Hey, we could start a support group. :wink:

Oh, I totally hate Eve’s hair. I borrowed it once, and damned if it didn’t just resist all my efforts to coif and primp. You won’t catch me in her hair evah again. You can take that to the bank.

So it’s really true that women get ‘bad hair’ days?

As a chap, my only concern is that I still have some hair. It’s already gone grey…

Damn right you won’t–it was all stretched out when I got it back from you.

It’s true you fellows are more plagued with the baldness issue; but at least you can grow snazzy beards to “hide a multitude of chins.”

I think your hair looks great. Brings attention to your regal nose. Could use a trimming, but. . .oops

It’s a bit late in the day to be trimming my regal nose . . .

I woke up late so my hair is in a clip. It looks extremely flat and oily. The worst part is I don’t really even care anymore. lol. I will wash it eventually. :smiley:

That wasn’t your hair. That was your sweater. ZZZZZZZZING!

I have hated my hair since I was a kid. It’s not really the hair’s fault. Like a neglected dog, I can’t blame it for its bad behavior. It’s my fault, because I’m totally uninterested in spending time in front of the mirror. I’m one of those brush-and-go girls. My hair could be nice if I spent time taming it (with a chair and whip, of course) but I guess I just don’t care enough. I’d rather be reading than primping.

I’ve only seen one picture of you - and I’d love to have your hair. I end up combing and conditioning and combing and re-conditioning (spraying makes it worse, and pinning isn’t even an option), and thinking all the time, “I wish I had Eve’s hair”

I’ve had this hair for how many years? And I’ve never figured out what in hell to do with it. For a short period of time, I thought I knew. I was sure I finally conquered the evilness, only to find out that I had been permanently damaging the follicles in a way that would cause me to go bald. Oops. And while I do hate it, I don’t yet hate it enough to cut it all off. I, for some reason, prefer to have evil, ugly, hateful hair than no hair at all.

I didn’t suffer from “bad hair” so much as “unpredictable” hair, and I wasn’t willing to learn forty different ways to style it into something presentable depending on its whims (which would change halfway through the day anyway) so for years I kept it in the long, tight, “no escape” ponytail.

Then I moved to the desert where having a blanket of hair on your head is just plain painful. So I purchased The HeadBlade and life has been wonderful ever since! Now I can enter humid enviroments, shower without spending an hour and a half afterwards taming the wild locks, why, I can even sweat naturally from the heat without looking like I’ve taken up brittle seaweed couture!

…a sunburnt scalps hurt like all get out though.

I don’t hate your hair, Eve. I might feel differently if it had ever slapped my mama.

Sometimes I curse the follicles that bore my hair, but the nice thing about having tailbone length hair is that I know 20 different ways to put it up and make it look presentable. My hair knows this, and fears me.

I don’t hate your hair. I usually don’t even hate my hair…except in the humidity. Curly hair in the humidity just goes limp.

Eve, how do you wear your hair so I know what I should be hating?

Mine is short, fine, straight as a stick, and going white in a halo around my face, while the rest of it remains various colors of blonde mixed with grey. I have a hideous cowlick in the very front, making me look like a total horror without bangs, yet WITH bangs they are always uneven because of said cowlick boosting up one side while the other lays, of course, FLAT. It never minds me, no matter what, and just wants to look spiky, no matter what. And it is DRY as a bone, yet tops my very oily facial skin, which I help along by conditioning my hair every time I wash it (I have to!). Might as well just rub conditioner into my skin while I am at it! I think it soaks down thru my scalp and comes out my pores, anyway.

At least I am not losing it in bunches like my sister is with hers.

Are you sure YOURS should be hated that intensely?? Do you ever have a day or two of “good hair” which almost redeems it for you?


I also don’t hate Eve’s hair. I am however bored with mine. I’ll be coloring it this weekend and haven’t decided what color to go with.

Sadly I’m finding out that isn’t true very often. I have to let it go to Santa Claus level bushiness, otherwise it doesn’t hide the extra chins any more than the trees hide the mountains, it only smooths the topography somewhat.