The Ides of March

Why is March 15 considered the ides of March? If it’s supposed to be the middle of the month, shouldn’t it be the 16th?

The Ides fall on either the 13th or 15th of the month, depending. So sometimes it’s the 13th (ie September).

Don’t forget the nones (9th or 11th) and kalends (1st).

CAESAR: The Ides of March are come.

Soothsayer: Ay, Caesar; but not gone.

I feel bad for the other Ides. All months have them. No one ever notes the arrival of the Ides of August. (Although that 13th or 15th business is peculiar.)

But the March one gets all the press. Just because of a soothsayer in a 400 year old play.

“Have you ever noticed that a soothsayer says the sooth, the whole sooth, and nothing but the sooth?” --Richard Armour

¡Cuidado por los Idus de marzo!

The play matches history (or at least legend):


“I say! You are in need of a soothsayer.”
“How did you know?”
“I’d be a fine soothsayer if I didn’t.”

(Gotta love Zero Mostel.)

“A big, strong boy…and a strange little boy. No…aaaaiaaiaia a girl! A girl!”"