The Ignore List

I’ve never used this feature, but I don’t have a problem with it. What I do have a fucking problem with is people who talk about who is on their damn ignore list. If you want to ignore the guy then you should, well, ignore him. It’s in the name of the goddamn function.

This is the most egregious example I’ve seen recently and the reason I started this thread. I’ve seen it before, so miss elizabeth isn’t the only one, but read the quote.

She is posting in a thread about a poster to say that she ignores said poster. The irony just burns.

Look, you idiots, if you want to ignore somebody just roll your eyes, scroll down and move on. It’s pretty easy to do. But if you are posting about somebody, then you are not fucking ignoring that person, are you?

What’s this blank post doing here? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

And somehow it still made me smile. :slight_smile:

I agree with the OP. In fact, I don’t get the ignore list at all. Outside of the board software, I already have an application specifically designed to ignore posts I don’t want to read; it’s called my brain. How hard is it to scroll past stupidity … outside of finger-cramps, that is.

Well, sometimes as you’re scrolling past idiocy, some of it slips in through your eyes…

The ignore feature is balls anyway, considering the quote function and all. Learn to scroll, and move on. Sure, your eye might catch a glimpse, but that same eye is just as likely to catch a glimpse of quoted posts.

This message is hidden because The Man With The Golden Gun is on your ignore list.

You know who’s on my ignore list? El_Kabong. He never says anything remotely pertinent or useful.

And Hitler. That guy pisses me off to no end every time he posts. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your goddam lebensraum, okay?

That’s why I wear these.

They help to block some of the stupid.

On the other hand, I’d love to know if I’m on anybody’s ignore list so I can talk shit about them.

Isn’t there some rule prohibiting the disclosure of who you have on your ignore list?

Use to be. It’s allowed in the Pit now.

Concessions for not being able to tell you to go fuck yourself*.

    • not that I’m telling you to go fuck yourself.

The “ignore list” means that you are ignore future posts. It doesn’t mean that you ignore the other person’s existence. Obviously, you had to read their posts–probably, a lot of them–to determine that they were worthy of ignoring. People frequently discuss things that they dislike (TV shows, foods, authors) even after they decide to stop consuming them.

No, it isn’t. My eyes don’t automatically turn off or look away at the sight of a user name. Maybe my reflexes are slow, but they just don’t. Thus the need for a computerized function to do it for me.

Stop being so literal. Just because the function is called ignore doesn’t mean they have to pretend the poster doesn’t exist. They just want to ignore his crazy posts. It was brought up to show some support for the OP of the pit thread so it was relevant.

I still don’t get it. I mean, I get it, I just don’t see the attraction.

If Fred Phelps joined as a member here and I put him on my ignore list, every time I’d see his name with whatever it is you see that indicates the post is being ignored, my curiosity would just get the better of me anyway.

How do you not want to open that package of forbidden fruit … if for no other then reason to see what (you consider) the crazies are saying now?

It is prohibited by the site rules. Report it when you see it.

The ignore function is dumb. It’s just a way for people to put their hands over their ears and go “LALALALALALALALA” because the bad people are making their mind hurt.

I am not sure if it is worse to be so psychically fragile that you must shut out the other, or to feel the need to insulate yourself from the thoughts and ideas of other people whom you don’t enjoy. Either way, it’s pretty much antisocial behavior, which, though more subtle than, say, being an asshole, is probably a lot more inimical to intellectual honesty.

And I am sure some tard will be along shortly to a) post “LOLZERS I ignore u!” or b) explain how that might be true in general, but so-and-so is just a really obnoxious person and that they’re really not being a giant pussy because don’t you see how it is all because some people are bad troll jerk people not worth my time and its just those five or sixteen posters and they talked bad about me and blah blah blah im an ostrich.

There are a couple on my ignore list, simply because I know what they’re going to say without ever having to read their posts. Easier to see a one-line “This message is hidden because Dipshit is on your ignore list” than to scroll through half a page of posting by Dipshit.

The ignore feature is *balls?? *Hahaaa! Man you be killin me!

The rules have changed. They now allow you to reveal your list in the Pit.