The imPEACHment Pit Thread

I have to do this . I’ve really had it with the gaslighting in the thread in the Elections forum.

And I’d still like to have the same basic kind of civil discussion we are have over there, but I’d like to rant some. And I’d like to be able to call out the people that saying shit like “ It ridiculous to think Trumps fixation with Hunter Biden had anything to do with his father candidacy. It would have happened whoever Hunters father was”.

And we all know Hurricane Ditka is scared to come here. Let’s leave him over there to chat with Jim Peebles. And, as an aside, Ditka should change is name to Pussy Comitatus.

HD will show. But who really cares. I’m more likely to go off on any numbnuts who engages with his useless ass.

I posted these links in the other thread.

Nunes is here

Schiff is here

Closing statements to the hearings today. Schiff addresses the facts and evidence, recounting testimony given today.

Nunes bellyaches about how mistreated poor Donald has been for the last 3 three years by all the Democratic witches. And doesn’t address any of the evidence that supports the case against the POTUS offered up by their own witnesses. Dumb ass.

Oh, I’d LOVE it if HD showed, but he won’t play by the Pit rules. I’m pretty sure he has me blocked because I think I’m the only on to make him lose his temper in GD. He threw the “f” word at me and everything. He didn’t get a warning :frowning: - I poked him good, but didn’t break any rules

But then he “self-suspended” for something like 7 weeks. I’m proud of that one.

As Euphonious Polemic mentioned in the other thread, Sondland’s testimony tomorrow will be interesting. Will he tell the truth or will he double down? Now I’m hearing speculation that he may plead the 5th.

Roger Stone’s verdict happened at an opportune time. If Sondland keeps up the lies he has freaking brass balls,

And I also wonder what tack the Republicans will take with their questions. Will they lob him softballs that let him wax poetic about what an honor it is to serve Trump? Will they try to get him to say that Trump didn’t do it? If Sondland goes the truthful route and confesses to his lies (Like who REALLY believes Trump told him to “go out there and tell the truth”), and Gym tries to make him recant his recanting.

And to think, the guy payed a million buck for this,

ETA Excuse my little typos, I can’t find my glasses

I stay away from Elections. The Pit is so much more civil. However, I now wish that I had thought of the name Pussy Comitatus first.

I’ve grown disgusted with the majority of our political leadership in general, but I can in no way criticize any of the men or women leading the proceeding. I have no way to even conceive of how morally bankrupt you have to be in order to defend Trump at this point, given that the White House seems to have… proudly admitted everything. And is now engaged in a wild flailing motion which makes them looks absurdly guilty.

I am, frankly, confused, fascinated, and horrified. It’s like watching a train conductor who is steaming full speed ahead towards a mountain. And the conductor is, I dunno, tearing off his speed regulators and saying it’s the worst thing ever.

RawStory: Even the Republican witnesses make Donald Trump look like a depraved criminal

Seriously, check out the closing statements at both links. The contrast between bullshit and a clear prosecutor’s closing statement couldn’t be more clear.

I’m having to limit myself to three hours per day of these hearings. Otherwise blood will start spurting from my eyes and ears. Listening to these GOP nincompoops try to twist the words and deeds of decent, loyal Americans just boils me.

Especially egregious to me was when they questioned why Vindman was wearing his military uniform.

However, it has renewed my respect for those who make a career of (non-elected) civil service. I’ve been impressed by the competence, intelligence and dedication of the witnesses.

Here is a very good op-ed piece from the New York Times, mostly about Vindman and Jennifer Williams (I hope it’s not paywalled; I was able to read the whole thing).

I’m disappointed that there is to date no mooooing in these hearing. My $1000 campaign donation offer stands to any democrat who calls out every point Nunes tries to make, “Moooooooot”.

Another $1000 if they can make Nunes cry or storm off.

Obviously, neither Nunes nor anyone smart enough to be a Congressperson can possibly swallow the horseshit that Nunes is dishing out. I suppose it’s targeted at Shodan and Ditka and their ilk, but are even they stupid enough to lap up such shit? Or, like underpaid whores, do they just feel obligated to swallow when their master wants to cum in their mouths?

Do I misremember, or did you use to be a right-wing idiot yourself? If so, welcome back to the Land of the Sane! :slight_smile:

I don’t have anything substantive to add, but I’m curious why PEACH is capltalised. A ssume there’s some joke or reference I’m not getting.

“Peach pit” pun, I’m pretty sure.


Peach pit pun. Inspired by Beckdawreck’s pies. I probably should’ve capitalized PIT as well.

Something I’ve seen again and again with these mooks is that any old response in opposition is OK, no matter how implausible, ridiculous or irrelevant. The mere action of coming up with some sort of response is somehow deemed to be “winning”.

It looks like Sondland’s opening statement just dropped. Seems like he went the “full honesty” route in order to avoid being the next Roger Stone.

Can’t find it online yet, but it’s going to be an interesting day. The folks at MSNBC can barely contain themselves.

I bet the Naval Hospital Cardiac unit is all hands on deck and the helicopter is warmed up on the WH lawn.

This kind of sums it up for me, but with disgusted ala mode.

And the coverage pre-empts Wayne Fuckin’ Brady!

Nunes, in his opening remarks today, just actually said that if the Democrats had been around in the 1790s they would have impeached George Washington. There aren’t enough :rolleyes:.