The Incredible Shrinking Thread

I was trying to access this thread, apparently moved from GD.

When I access it, I get a notification that I do not have authorization to access this page. I did a thread title search and did not find it.

Where did it go?

My apologies if I tried something naughty, or if this is a Question That Should Not Be Asked. I seem to be posting OK, so perhaps not a problem with my account.

I thought it might be funny. My understanding was that it was a link to a video.


I get the same thing when I click your link. Most likely the thread was deleted because it was either spam or started by a sock.

It was probably moved to one of the hidden restricted forums for reasons that are private to the mods/admsin

Shodan, you’ve been around long enough so I think you might have gotten around to reading the FAQ by now.

From here:

I’m closing this.