The Incredibles

Having seen the Fantastic Four ads, in which several characters strike poses just like those seen in the Incredibles, I’ve been thinking: anybody heard any rumors?
Animated TV series?
Comic book?

Having seen both movies, I daresay Incredibles was better written and more entertaining. Beyond that, I dunno.

Too bad Incredibles followed it by over 40 years, and most people think FF is the ripoff.

FF looks like it’s gonna suck, and I was so utterly underwhelmed by The Incredibles that I shut it off after half an hour. Maybe someone can try again in another ten years.

The Incredibles rocked. I dunno why everyone is so busy bashing Fantasic Four, it’s a perfectly acceptable comic book movie. Not a Spider-Man or X-Men, but entertaining and fun. It’s certainly no Daredevil or Punisher. Yechch.




Are you sure you mean the Pixar Incredibles?
I’m shocked. I found it better than any Super Hero movie I’ve ever seen. I’m 38 and I loved it. My kids were 7 & 5 and they loved it. My Wife even loved it.

My niece was 22 and she saw it twice with her Boyfriend. Everyone I spoke to at least liked it.

My friends that wish they were “Comic Book Guy” even thought it was fun & great.

As to the OP: there have been at least 2 crappy cartoon versions of the Fantastic 4 from the 70’s and I think the early 90’s.

I really, really love cartoons but that 3D shit grates on my nerves. Cutesy, lazy pop culture references, and, as usual, the voice acting just seems really off to me. Too naturalistic, I guess.

That’s pretty ironic (“Is that Vironic???”), considering that they modeled the Incredibles after the FF in the first place…

You apparently have confused The Incredibles with Dreamworks’ various CGI efforts. :wink: Finding a pop-culture reference in a Pixar movie is like finding Michael Moore in the Bush White House.

Yeah, no pop culture references to be found in The Incredibles. Heck, the thing was basically set in the late '60s; there couldn’t possibly be any.

Sorry, in my mind I do tend to lump them all together. But nonetheless The Incredibles really bored the pee-pee out of me. I never made it through Finding Nemo either.

Probably because they have Spiderman, X-Men, etc. to compare it too.

I like Ramen. Yaknow, those sodium-laden noodle bricks you dump in a pot of boiling water to make something kinda like food? Now, if I have lunch at the local Mongolian Barbecue, that Ramen isn’t gonna look too good. Even if it IS a far cry better than, say, cup-o-noodles.

I still need to watch DareDevil. The first half hour of it that I saw was pretty darned amusing.

Daredevil is 10% Genius 90% Shit.

Did you make it to the greatest scene ever in a super hero movie? And I say that witha completely straight face.
After a night of super heroing Daredevil comes home- Takes off his costume and we see that his body is scarred worse than Rambo’s in First Blood- He gets in the shower and removes a tooth that has been knocked loose during the nights fight- He gets out of the shower and opens a medicine cabinet which is full of pain killers. He downs a handful of them- As he crawls into his sensory deprivation chamber he hears the sounds of the city including a woman scream for help. He sighs, looks spiritually drained and closes the lid of the chamber.
Now that’s a great scene- Now add that they’ve established that Matt Murdock has been Daredevil for roughly ONE year… and you’ve got the greatest scene ever in a super hero movie. Being a superhero would suck.

Rest of the movie is shitburgers.
Incredibles is pretty good.

Fantastic Four was decent.

No pop-culture references at all, nosiree.

Well, fair enough, but

is a far cry from a Matrix-style freeze-frame-and-spin-in-mid-jump-kick gag like you get from Shrek and the other lesser lights of CGI movies.

That said, “I don’t like CGI movies” strikes me as similar to “I don’t like black and white movies.” It seems sadly self-limiting to judge a work based on the medium, and not the content. But, to each his own, and all that.

Yes the vast majority of those “references” are pretty obscure or oblique. Now if the cahracter voiced by Wallace Shawn had at some point said “Inconcievable!”… now that’s a pop culture reference.

There was an Incredibles comic. 4 issue mini, IIRC. I’ve not read it…should look into getting ahold of it…

And I was expecting him to say it too.

I still wish Mr. Humpt had snuck an “inconceivable!” into his rant. :wink:

And when was Car 54, Where Are You? even remotely related to “pop culture”? :smiley: