The incredibly annoying ESPN Sunday night baseball broadcasts.

I have the feeling this must have been discussed before. Has there ever been a worse broadcast team? The endless nattering about nothing in particular, the interviews while the game is in progress… not to mention the ridiculous on-screen superimposed strike zone… arghhh, wish I could get the game on the radio…

If you’re that annoyed at ESPN, I guess you haven’t seen Fox Sports baseball coverage, then.

It probably wasn’t any better on ESPN Radio. Well, maybe it is these days, but Fire Joe Morgan was an actual website. But Joe Morgan and Jon Miller was a terrible pairing.

“Hi, I’m Joe Buck. I’m not a fraction of the broadcaster my father was, but I’ve got something on the head of Fox Sports to force them to stick me on coverage of every sport Fox carries.”

I mean, the OP is right that baseball is better on the radio. But I think even the radio calls have gone downhill.

It’s actually gotten better by a tiny fraction: Brett Favre won’t be coming out of retirement and thus the broadcasting team won’t spend the entire game talking about Favre.