The Innocence Project

This group of do-gooders deserves a huge communal hug from all of us. Go ahead and bash lawyers all you want, but these people are my heros. These “liberals”.
They have managed to free 200 people who we (ahem) mistakenly imprisoned. How many more, I wonder, weren’t lucky enough to have the real perpetrator leave behind some DNA evidence.

There’s a new movie coming out called The Trials of Darryl Hunt that’s a documentary of one innocent man’s unbelievable story working his way through the system for 20 years, finally being released thanks to the Innocence Project.

Sadly, not exactly an isolated incident.

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My last ex-boyfriend did a lot of volunteer work for them during and just after law school, on a case where a man who had been in Angola (in Louisiana) for 35 years on a rape charge he was innocent of was finally released. I was there at the final hearing. I had goosebumps.

The Innocence Project is seriously cool.

I think the whole “lawyers are evil” meme is a conservative pro-big-corpration propaganda anyway. There’s no shame in praising lawyers.