The insanity of my Blackberry Pearl

That’s interesting - I could have sworn they were in the other order when I looked before…

I stumbled upon the term ‘4-pole’ - I had previously been looking for ‘4 conductor’ and ‘4 terminal’.

I think that site will ship overseas - their checkout system is PayPal-based:

  • even for UK inland shipping, they’re a bit pricey though, so you might want to keep looking to see if you can find the same thing on your side of the pond.

If you can’t find it elsewhere and you do want to order from that UK based site, and they’re suggesting some ridiculous sum for international shipping, I’ll be happy to order it on your behalf and send it on at cost (costs me pennies to send an item like this to the USA, if I send it from work) - let me know what they quote for international shipping…

A quick search shows these headsets with 3.5mm jacks.

I think you’ll find they all terminate in a pair of 3.5mm jacks - a stereo one for the headphones and a mono one for the mic.

You beat me to it. That’s a quick search. A search of days and days didn’t get me bupkus.

This thread? MAJOR leads. Mangetout, I’ll do an order and see what they want. If it’s outrageous I will be happy to take you up on your offer. Many thanks in advance.

I too had Googled " 4 conductor" or " 4 contact". Hmph.

I actually thought I’d find a combo jack, one that had two female ports- for the type of headsets shown in that quick search- and with one 4-pole pin male connector on the other end.

this, by the way, is why the dope is, and always will be, worth the price of admission to me.