The International Court

What is the international court? What is it’s authority? I have heard it would usurp our constitution in some ways. How?

To me the idea of an international court seems suspicious. National sovereignty wouldn’t be recognized.

Do you mean the International Court of Justice, or a different court?
The ICJ describes itself thusly:

>> To me the idea of an international court seems suspicious. National sovereignty wouldn’t be recognized

The USA and China are quite together in that view (as well as in other things). At least China is more consistent in defending the idea of unlimited national sovereignty. The USA want unlimited national sovereignty for itself while it asserts the authority to pursue certain crimes (war crimes, crimes against humanity) in other countries.

I guess I should be clearer. The ICJ is founded on the premise of national sovereignty. The US and China choose mostly to not submit to it. In my view this is a bad thing and a sign that those governments are doing things they should not be doing. I do not recognise absolute sovereignty for anybody. Countreis should not be free to do certain things in the name of national sovereignty. European countries have done the right thing and shown their confidence in themselbves when they submitted to the European Court (as well as the ICJ). Europeans have lost nothing with this and have gained an extra level of protection.

The one that’s been in the news a lot lately is the International Criminal Court (ICC), not the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ hears disputes between states; the ICC will hear cases against people accused of ‘crimes against humanity’. According to the ICC overview, the ICC exists:

“To achieve justice for all…
To end impunity…
To help end conflicts…
To remedy the deficiencies of ad hoc tribunals
To take over when national criminal justice institutions are unwilling or unable to act…
[and] To deter future war criminals.”

The US won’t recognise the ICC either. It couldn’t stomach “war” criminals (Calley, North, Kissenger) being actually brought to book properly

Comments aside, the ICC can only deal only with crimes committed after the 1 July of this year which is when the treaty comes into force.

I’m refering to the ICC.

I should have been more clear. I’m wondering why The US is worried our soldiers could be accussed of war crimes and what constitutional issues exist.

The president has concerns and I’m wondering what they are.

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