The international Pumpkin saga.

About a week ago, a wee girl was found alone and unattended at Melbourne’s major railway station. Security video footage showed that she was previously in the care of a gentleman who then apparently just dumped her.

Pumpkin, (she was named after the clothing brand she was wearing because she would/could not tell anyone her real name), was put into foster care here in Melbourne pending the finding of her parents…surely someone would report a missing child??

Well, no reports locally, but a bit of sleuthing on the local constabulary’s part showed that the bloke had recently flown in from Auckland NZ, abandoned the little tot (she’s 3 yrs old) at the railway station in Melbourne, then hot-footed it out of Australia on a flight to LA.

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Nai Yin Xue, Pumpkin’s daddy, killed her mummy Anan Lui, stuffed her body in the boot of a car then left the little girl to her own devices in a foreign country. I suppose we should be thankful he didn’t kill the little girl (Qian is her real name) too. Chances are he might have gotten away with his crime if he had done so.

Now it’s up to the fine forces of the LA CopperSquad to find and arrest Nai Yin Xue.
Go get 'im boyz. Fuck 'im over good and proper.

And stop calling her ‘Pumpkin’


Look, shit fer’ brains, I care not what the little girl is called. What I DO care about is that her father killed her mum, then dumped her body in the back of a car, and THEN abandoned the tot in a railway station 2000 km from their home.

Pumpkin is the name the DHS staff popped on her because she could or would not tell them her name…she was (and continues to be) extremely traumatised by all the events. For lack of a ‘name’, Pumpkin was coined, and it’s a really cute name too. As I’ve asked you before (if English is your first language), you would know that Pumpkin is a term of endearment and familiarity. It’s not a fucking racist epitaph, despite what you think!! Whatever.

If you want to get your fucking knickers in a twist about such fucking trivialities, go do it in your precious GD thread. Just get the fuck out of here moron.

Aaaand another thing:

One day, when Qian is old enough to want to look into her past history and find out what happened to her mum and dad, she might look at these newspaper reports and find that she had a little ‘nickname’. And I can bet you a shitload that she would find it less offensive than you are making it out to be now blinking. She might actually derive some comfort that a city (and then a country/two countries and then a third and FOURTH country) cared enough about her and the murder of her mother to help fix things up.

You were an idiot the first time I encountered you on this board…how come you haven’t grown a brain in the meantime???

Once you start calling something by a name, it helps to keep on calling it that name, otherwise people get confused and think you’re talking about something else. Silly Cnut.

I’m not big on RO, but the CCTV footage of the guy just walking away from his daughter in the railway station breaks my fucking heart. He killed her mother and stuffed her body into a car boot, flew to Melbourne with his daughter, and then just walked off leaving the three year old girl standing there. Didn’t even glance back.

Meanwhile, the Auckland cops are quite rightly copping the heat for not finding Mrs Xue’s body - which was cunningly concealed in the boot of their car parked right outside the fucking house {in, appropriately, Keystone Avenue} four fucking days after the girl was abandoned, and nearly a day after they got a warrant to search the vehicle: at a conservative estimate, they had at least two days to find a body in probably the first place you’d look. Bunch of fuckwits. Link.

And yeah, the “Pumpkin” angle is really fucking annoying now it’s just a cute name to hang the story on: granted it was a valid nickname when they didn’t know who the girl was - the clothing brand she was wearing was Pumpkin Patch - but she has a name now, so use it. Who writes the news, Anne fucking Geddes? Sigh. At least she ain’t blonde.

How is it claimed that “pumpkin” is racist?

Well, obviously, she’s, you know, orange with a green stem coming out of the top of her head. Ok, I got nothing.

Yeah, what’s so racist about it? Do I need to start referring to my favorite Charlie Brown special as, “It’s the Great P-Word, Charlie Brown” for fear that the PC Police will come and give me a body cavity search?

And don’t even think of asking a waitress for a piece of pumpkin pie, you sexist jerk.

Beats me. I was unaware that I am a racist when I call my daughter pumpkin.
Who knew? :rolleyes:

I think that claiming ‘Pumpkin’ is racist, is itself racist - would people be fretting about the continued use of the term if the little girl was not Chinese?

I’m not even sure what the name has to do with being Chinese in the first place. When I think of pumpkins, I think of New England, not Hunan Province.

But it’s sure easier for Westerners to pronounce than Xun Xue.

Put me on the “WTF? How is ‘Pumpkin’ racist?” list, as well as the “this guy should be tortured to death for doing that to that little girl” list.

It’s not like they called her “corn” or “squash” or something yellow. This whole PC Bullshit gives me a headache, I swear, is it still ok to say DoublePlusGood?

Many Jack-'o-Lanterns have carved eyes whose epicanthal folds give them a “slanted” appearance. Also, the top of the pumpkin’s “head” is often sliced open using a zig-zag or “zipper”-like cutting pattern, in order to remove the inner “gook.”

Also, teenagers engage in a common Hallowe’en prank in which they ring someone’s doorbell (“ching-chong!”) and smash the pumpkin against the front door, then run away.

Just a few suggestions. Some situations require a little more creativity that others, to justify the racial outrage. But it can always be done!

Shit, there go my lunch plans. :mad:

What I wonder is: why were police not waiting for the father when he got off the plane in LA? It must be a 16-18 hour flight from Australia to LA. Didn’t they have the girl identified before then? They should have been waiting for him for questioning, even if they didn’t have enough to arrest him at that point.

The police have not shown much competence on this case.

Well, in addition to being racists, every single Australian is a fucking moron. They should go back to whatever country they came from.

But… they’d fall off the world if they did that!

Thank og I’m married, and not single. Otherwise I’d have been a moron and have to go back to Australia :slight_smile: