the internet saved my life

i usually go for a walk with my 4 year-old daughter in the afternoons, during our walk, we always stop at a quickie mart and split a soda
as i was heading out the door, i decided to quick check my e-mail. the 5 minutes i spent reading made a huge difference in how i spent my afternoon.

by the time i got to the quickie mart, the police were arriving. apparently they were just robbed at gun point minutes before i got there. there were a couple cars down a few blocks detaining the thief.

I am D.B. Cooper

:confused: Seems more like blind luck than internet saving your life.

well, yeah.
i just wanted an interesting title.

actually, an honest title would have been
“being delayed 5 minutes kept me from being inconveinenced”

On the other hand, if you had been there, you could have quickly crouched down on all fours behind the gunman, your four-year-old daughter could have pushed him over, and the two of you would now be local heroes. You’d be splitting a cool $25,000 reward, and your daughter would’ve been a shoo-in when she writes her application to Harvard in thirteen years.

Heck of an opportunity to have missed.

Ike, you need a vacation. You been editin’ too manny books . . . .


I’m glad that you got delayed melanie, whatever the reason. It’s good to still have you here.

“Consider it a challenge…”