What would you do if you knew that the internet would be shut down forever at midnigh

That about says it.

Say goodby to yall. Id also make sure all my computer patches were up to date and try to scrounge up all manner of freeware that I could ever envision needing. Maybe download a few thousand songs…If it were legal.

There has to be other people here that rely on the internet way more than I do.
How hard would you be hit and or what would you do with your last internet day??

I have access to the internet at work. I have access to it in the living room (laptop) I have access to it in the evening (desktop) I have access to it in bed (PDA) I have basic access to it out and about (mobile - WAP)

I could live without it, sure.

I’d almost certainly go out more. We’d all be better off without the internet.

I’d email everyone I maintain regular email correspondence with and ask them to send me their snail-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Then I’d call the phone company and re-negotiate my long distance service.

First I would wonder who was shutting it down. Then I would wonder why. Then I would shrug and say “Oh well, it was good while it lasted, but we managed without it before, I guess we can now”. Then I would probably start thinking about all those projects around the house that I have been avoiding.

Buy stock in Canada Post? :slight_smile:

Download all the porn I could find. :slight_smile:

No, seriously … well … yeah.

Probably say, “Ahhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” in my loudest Beavis voice.

Post my phone number and/or address here.

Figure out what I’ll do with the extra $50+ a month.

Figure out what the hell I’ll do to fill in my day.

Buy a TV. Seriously.

Sit at my computer, a revolver containing a single bullet in my hand, posting MPSIMS in Great Debates…until 11:59… :frowning:

  • GASP * Did I read that right?


However, if I no longer had internet access, I would probably get a job.


I’d go back to read/write/draw a lot more (like i used to in highschool and college), push myself to go outside when the weather permits it…and exercise more often. I’ll probably end up watching TV again.

I remember the days before internet became popular. They weren’t so bad…

Its cool, but I notice a lot of posters are saying what theyd AFTER the internet was shut down.

I`m sort of interested more in the last minute, panic that would set in and the sort of last minute panicky sort of things you would do before the midnight deadline.

Hope that helps.

(a) Try desperately to find new clients ( half of my work is building and maintaining web sites)

(b) Get a new phone provider (I have Vonage over IP)

© Save my CDW and MacMall catalogs for future orders

(d) download every Weebl and Bob episode

I think Uncommon Sense has the right idea. I would start downloading all the patches, all the drivers for the stuff I have, and as much freeware I could find.

I would also create a huge database for recipes and spend a few hours copying and pasting.

After that, I don’t know, maybe print the SDMB for future reading/reference?

What if you miss?

Hit refresh?
Oh, wait.

Post my phone number on the SDMB.

Wish death on someone in the Pit. :wink:

Before midnight:
[li] I’d send my snail mail address and phone number to all my email friends.[/li][li] I’d snap up any software I don’t already have and would like to get (regardless of whether or not they were legal copies). I’d see which last few MP3s I could get before the Internet went “off the air.”[/li][li] I’d post a final farewell message here in MPSIMS, perhaps with snail mail and phone number.[/li][/ul]
After midnight and beyond:
[li]Work on the kinds of projects I did before the Internet[/li][li]Watch more TV[/li][li]Go back to reading a newspaper and using an encycolpedia, visit the library more again, start buying more music CDs again with the money that would have been spent on the Internet service.[/li][li]Find something else to do at work to pass the time (besides more work :slight_smile: )[/li][li]Celebrate the fact that spammers would have to find new hobbies.[/li][/ul]