Where would you be without computers?

A simple question, one I’ve pondered for quite some bit:
In a world devoid of computer and the internet, what do you think you would be doing right now with your life?

Well, I had plenty of adult life behind me when the Internet came to me. If I think of what that was like I’d guess I’d be either a.) not single or b.) in a bar. Possibly both.

Watching TV.
Well, it’s midnight on Sunday - what else could I do? :smiley:


(I was going to add ‘downstairs’)

I’d probably be out of a job.

Actually, to be serious about this, I may be a LOT happier if it wasn’t for computers.

You see I chose computing as a career because I knew I was a natural and had potential. But what I failed to include into the decison was whether I actually like doing computer related work.

I also failed to reconsider when it became obvious that the life of a programmer (or at least the life of a software engineering student, because maybe what follows doesn’t apply to employed programmers) is not spent sitting and churning out code. There would be a shitload of boring crap to do before you get to actually write code.
About 2 years into my course I could have come up with 20 things I’d rather be doing (and would find more fullfilling) such as psychology, law, medicine, media, etc… All of which, in hindsight, I would have probably done ok at, and which would have led to an interesting life.

No job, no girlfriend, not in NC, very few friends…

Probably dead, actually. I credit my friends from various online places with getting me through the depression of my teen years.

Building canoes for a living, I think


I’d definitely be out of a great job (it was my audio editing skills that landed it for me), and my lifelong ambition to hear many of my old, not-issued-on-CD records without scratches would have been impossible to achieve.

I’d probably be vegged out in front of the TV. Hooray for computers!

I suppose I’d be a social worker, although I might’ve ended up as more of an office-managerial type. I’m a secretary at heart, whether I’m organizing data flow by constructing databases or using grid paper and filing cabinets and designing procedures for intake or whatever.

I’d be freakin’ bored. The Internet is the coolest invention ever. That and video games. I suppose I might be a librarian or a historian or a scientist or something, but as it is I’m an unemployed former tech support dude, who spends too much time playing online games.

Dead or in jail

I would definitely be out of a job. Let review the Clanger record:

Rock Musician - Small proves to have enough sense to forget this as a career option.
Audio technician - sacked
Seismic Survey technician - laid off
PA sound guy - not enough money to live on
White van man - walked out, I only did it for pocket money to study as a. . .


OK not really.
Analyst/Programmer. Lobsag some of us like it here in code-monkey land.

Well, since my first real job introduced me to computers in the 1960’s, they’ve been my life. I’d probably have been stuck in some uninteresting job somewhere.

On the other hand, there have been times when I’ve been consumed by my “interesting and challenging” career to the point where I envied people with routine 8-hour days who had time for hobbies and recreation and actually had a life outside of work.

I’d be doing exactly the same thing. Granted, the computer has made my job easier and expanded the number of things I can do, but I worked without computers for years, and I still have a typewriter in my basement if I ever need it.

Doing the revision I need to do, and getting better marks at school. I’d also be a better pianist I suspect.

Dunno where I’d be. Probably still in college.

One thing’s for certain, though. My handwriting would be much better.

Auto-mechanic full time instead of a hobby.

Well…I’d probably be more isolated for one.

And I’d still be doing lab tests but without computers and walk-a-way instrumentation I’d be doing them manually, which is a lot slower. I’d bet the doctors would be very unhappy as well.