The ipod touch and internet access

Sorry, where I’m at right now it takes several minutes to load a webpage, so if I could have easily found this information elsewhere, please accept my apologies.

My question is this:

Will the internet access on the Ipod Touch be like on the Iphone, where you pay a monthly fee and can access the internet from anywhere, or rather, will it just be like having a wi-fi card on a laptop, so that there is no monthly fee and you can just access the internet through wi-fi connections like I can with my laptop? (I.e., anywhere on campus for free, for a fee at Starbucks, free at Jack in the Box, and so on.)

Thanks for the info.


It’ll be the latter. You’ll need to be around a wifi hotspot in order to take advantage of the internet… just like a laptop. The iPhone is different, in that, if there’s not wifi it can pick up on, it’ll automatically switch over to AT&T’s Edge network, which is unlimited for iPhone users and part of the monthly cell fee. There is no monthly fee for the iPod, because it is not a cell device.