The Island

Is there no thread for this show? This is what I expected Survivor to be, instead I got totems and votes and silly games.

I’m really enjoying it so far, it shows how difficult surviving really is, and how a couple stupid mistakes can end your chances. And, hoo boy, is this group good at making mistakes!

I missed episode one, but I watched it last night after ANW. Pretty interesting so far. I’ll give it a couple of more episodes to see if it can keep my interest.

I started a thread here:

One of my questions was answered - they did use coconut water (though apparently it is a diuretic - my quick research indicates it is fairly mild)

Not sure of the geography of how close they can be to the water source and still be in a relatively nice campsite.

They could probably filter the water a little bit (they did earlier with the salt water)


A couple of thoughts on the turtle:

  1. Once it was apparent it was able to move, thy could have helped it into the water
  2. In a real survival situation they would have eaten it. Since the “don’t eat endangered critters” is a show limitation, the show could have compensated. Maybe not with the equivalent amount of food, but with something.

Also, I’m pretty sure Jewish dietary rules are waived in life threatening situations. Though some of the contestants look to have a decent fat reserve and live with limpets and coconuts (well, everyone could probably live, but some better than others). A decent meal would certainly help morale though - don’t know if there any other edible plants on the island.

Guess I missed it when Bear said they had a fishing net (I know they had machetes and the jerry cans)


I’m pretty sure being on a reality show is not a life threatening situation. :slight_smile:

I like the show, and I’m very glad the turtle survived.

I am a little suspicious though that they keep losing exactly one person per episode. That and that a really serviceable net happened to be “washed up” on shore just a short distance from the beach.

I really hope that the show is legit because that’s the beauty of it.

I guess we know now why they started with 14 men: so they can lose one man each week, and still have someone left on the island after a 13 episode run. :wink:

Hmmm… my suspicion meter just went up a little bit more. :slight_smile:

A good final episode. I really liked the level of reflection experienced by the men. Definitely an interesting show.