The Jackson Family is at it Again

. . . and this time it’s extra weird.

It all started about a week or two ago when five Jackson siblings (including Janet, who we all generally assumed was sane)publicly posted a letter contesting the authority of the executors of Michael’s estate. The crux of the letter appears to be that the executors plotted to kill Michael, Michael’s final will that was used was not legitimate, and that their mother- Katherine- has failing health and is being manipulated. Janet, Jermaine, Tito, Randy and Rebbie Jackson cosigned the letter, which included gems like:

That’s all weird, but not exactly surprising for the Jacksons. This next part is where things go down the rabbit hole of strange.

Michael’s 14 year old daughter, Paris, is very active on Twitter through a verified account. After the letter from her aunts and uncles came out, she immediately posted (and it has now been deleted, but the CNN article above quotes it), “i am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor and nothing has happened, she is completely fine.” Then Katherine is reported missing to the LAPD. It then comes out that Paris, Prince, and Blanket haven’t seen their grandmother in a handful of days, haven’t talked to her on the phone, and have no idea where she is. Apparently, this is very strange because she never goes a day without at least speaking to them. Paris then posted on her Twitter, “yes , my grandmother is missing . i haven’t spoken with her in a week i want her home now.” Then Paris posted the phone number of their security team, asking any one with information to call and help.

About this time, Jermaine comes out and says Katherine is in Arizona for a Jackson family show, but also on doctor’s orders to rest. Previously, she had planned to take a bus out to the show and right back, but a doctor met with her and told her to leave immediately on a plane. According to Paris, this wasn’t Katherine’s regular doctor, but instead a guy who testified on behalf of Doctor Murray (the doctor who was involved in Michael’s death).

Don’t worry, we’re almost caught up.

So, yesterday, Jermaine and Janet supposedly rushed the gate at the house where the Jackson kids are and accosted them out in front of the house. It’s all on tape and supposedly the disagreement was because Janet and Jermaine wanted to take the kids to Arizona. Also, because Janet was unhappy that Paris was posting family business on Twitter-- so she tried to take Paris’ phone. Strangely, Jermaine and Janet were video taping this whole confrontation themselves, too.

Late last night, Paris posted on Twitter that it’s been 8 days and she still hasn’t talked to her guardian.

Right now, the estate is preparing to file guardianship papers for Michael’s kids, since Katherine has gone MIA. The kids met with their court appointed attorney, who appears worried about the situation, too. Katherine’s lawyers are claiming this is part of an elaborate scheme by the Jacksons to remove Katherine and Michael’s kids from their home. The LA Sheriff has closed their missing persons case, but has an open, on going investigation on the matter of Katherine being emotionally and financially mistreated by family members. Oh, and Debbie Rowe- the mother of 2 of the 3 kids-- is apparently concerned and considering make a move here, too.

In this last hour, Paris posted, “9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this pay.

All I can say is: those poor kids. For his entire life, people criticized Michael for being weird or messed up-- but looking at this mess, anybody involved in this circus would have been weird, too. It’s no surprise that Michael very actively kept his children away from his family for his entire life. I have no doubt that this is all about the $$$.

I see from your link that one of the executors is John McClain, so we can probably expect a few Jackson family mansions to be blown up soon.

“Die Hard VI: The Executor.”

I notice LaToya’s name is absent from the above report. That, coupled with her not-completely-embarrassing appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice, leads me to believe that she may be the most reasonably sane member of the Jackson family.

The first few times I read the name in stuff, I found myself musing that the 2008 election had been harder on John McCain than even I thought.

I think it’s safe to say that little Paris seems to be the most normal, non manipulative of the bunch (her brothers may be, too, but they are far more quiet than she is). If those kids can make it out without getting. . . well, Jacksoned, then I think we’re going to get quite the tell-alls when they age out of Jackson family control.

I actually winced when I saw your thread title and thought “What now?”

ETA: I thought my family was full of drama.

“I wonder how that screwed up family produced someone like Michael Jackson,” wondered nobody in history.

No kidding. You know, when I was reading about this on celebrity gossip sites, this was one of the few stories that genuinely made me feel bad. Those poor kids have gone through so much and now they are seeing first hand what their father tried so hard to protect them from (greed in general, but particularly the greed of his family).

Given that though, this whole story is so freaking weird still.

How or why anyone can care about this is so far beyond me.

I can understand why some of them would be desperate to get their hands on Michael’s estate, but isn’t Janet filthy rich in her own right?

Is the family still affiliated with the Jehovah’s Witnesses? I know Michael broke with them but I don’t remember (if I ever knew) the details or whether it was a family move.

Janet’s inclusion in this debate actually legitimizes it somewhat, IMO. She has plenty of money, and while the Jackson brothers probably aren’t rolling in dough, I am sure they have a few coins to rub together. Maybe there is something a little suspect about how the estate is being handled.

In truth, Katherine is old. Maybe too old to raise three kids, even with help. And it’s quite bizarre that their guardian would leave the kids with no information. Is she senile? Was she kidnapped?

That being said, Paris does need to be talked to about her oversharing on Twitter. Is it a good idea to announce to the world that your guardian is nowhere to be found? Janet is fairly well grounded, but then again she has been known to smack a bitch when provoked.

My feelings exactly.

Excellent summary. You should do one of these weekly!

What is up in the saga of Francis Bean vs. Courtney? :slight_smile:

Man, this family needs to be hit by a meteor and wiped off the face of the planet.

The rumor mill says Janet is involved because she doesn’t want the entire family too mooch off of her. Plus, while she’s filthy rich by any normal standard ($150 mil or so), she’s not Michael Jackson estate rich (a billion since his death, supposedly).

And as far as I know, both Rebbie and Katherine are active in the church-- in fact, that’s why, despite living apart, Katherine and Joe refuse to get a divorce. I know that Michael had a major problem with how the church tried to shame him for being famous, so after the whole blow up regarding Thriller, Michael moved away from the church pretty strongly.(on the advice of the church elders, Michael tried to destroy the film of the video. John Landis had to literally lock it in a vault that Michael didn’t know about while he tried to reason with Michael. The compromise was the warning at the start of the Thriller video about the occult). Also, Michael wanted his kids to be able to celebrate birthdays and Christmas, so he moved even farther from it when his kids came into the picture.

See, I agree and disagree on this point. Certainly, just about every 14 year old with an internet connection is an oversharer :D, but in this case, this really is the only outlet this kid has in order to get her side out. Now, I concede she may be totally in the wrong (though given the history of the Jackson family. . . she might be the sane one), but social media is literally the only way this kid can combat the power and influence of her family.

Anywho, in today’s news, Tito revokes his signature on the original complaint letter. So, now it’s everyone versus Randy, Janet, and Jermaine. Marlon went on TV yesterday and said, “somebody made the decision that my mother cannot talk to me, and whoever that person is, they’ve got to answer to me.”

Such a ridiculous mess.

Also, I appreciate the several of you who contributed that you don’t care. I, along with the rest of us, were waiting on the edges of our chairs for your opinion and now I can go on happily with my day. Thank you!

Do not come in to a thread expressly to threadshit. If you don’t want to participate, then don’t.

I agree that I am baffled by the phenomenon where the famous are so important to people, but I feel that the root cause is ‘the evil of money’ - someone has an apparent abundance of cash, relatives and friends and total strangers come out of the woodwork trying to collect.

I think that if Michael had his fame dwindle to nothing more than a part in a Where Are They Now VH1 special, and just enough royalty money coming in to live on, and an occasional appearance at County Fairs he would have been much better off.

If “Sanity” were an event in the Special Olympics, maybe LaToya would win the gold, but that’s not a very ringing endorsement.

I don’t know - maybe if I had a shot at even part of a billion, I would be acting like a nucking futcase too. And I haven’t had nearly the practice that the Jacksons have had.


And it’s not even “just” a billion-- it’s a billion in the * three years* since Michael has died.

Imagine how much it could have been if he hadn’t pissed it away on settlements and Neverland and pet chimps and the Elephant Man.

From near-bankruptcy to a billion dollars in three years, and all they had to do was get rid of the main money leak. Maybe it was a conspiracy after all!


Especially if you were already one before you had the shot at the billion. Which is the shocking thing about LaToya being the sedate one.

Whenever I hear about Jackson’s brothers I have to stop and remember “Which one did Tootie make a model head of on Facts of Life?” Then they get divided into the two uneven camps of “The one whose head Tootie sculpted and the ones whose heads Tootie didn’t sculpt”. And I know one was married to Berry Gordy’s daughter but they divorced a long time ago. Other than this, are any of them really remarkable for any accomplishments other than having once been in the Jackson 5? For example, have any of them distinguished themselves in some other aspects of the music business or in computers or real estate or whatever, or are they all basically former child stars?