Paris Jackson taken to hospital.

Wonder what is going on. Suicide attempt may be too early to call.

Because lord knows that if a fifteen your old is suicidal, the one thing that’ll make her feel less bad is a bunch of bloggers speculating about her mental health.

And heaven knows, the only possible reason for a 15 year old girl to be taken to the hospital is for a suicide attempt.

Maybe she couldn’t sleep and needed some Diprivan.

Sorry, that was uncalled for on my part. She is still only 15 and should be left alone.

Who’s Paris Jackson?

Michael Jackson’s 15 year old daughter, he says confidently after Googling her name.

Isn’t she a Titotaler? Wait… no, that’s her uncle.

They’re reporting a suicide attempt. Cuts on wrists, took too much Motrin.

Poor thing.

I feel sorry for her (and her siblings, too) - they never even had a chance at a normal life.

Poor girl, I feel for her. I know what it’s like to want to take yourself out of the equation.

WTF is Team Jackson informing the press that it was in fact a suicide attempt?

Shit, people, some things don’t need to be shared with the world. This certainly won’t help this poor child recover from a low point.

Paris seemed pretty normal and resilient in interviews that I’ve seen. Sad to hear that life’s pressures overwhelmed her. It can’t be easy being a part of the Jackson clan. They sponged off Michael for years and years. Now I guess they are still after Michael’s money. Didn’t his kids inherit most of his estate? Or will after they turn 21.

Hope they can get Paris the right help. Not sure why, but the teen years seem to draw more suicides than later in life.

She got dealt a pretty shitty hand from the start.

I was thinking of Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt and how there was never much gossip about it. Probably because everyone he was close to wouldn’t talk. So we can chat on the board but maybe the family and friends will shut it all down. I have to admit I’m curious but I hope for her sake my curiousity stays just that.

Team Jackson doesn’t seem to have looked too kindly on Michael’s 'droid, turkey-baster children other than vying to be caretakers, for the money. Too bad the kids hold the reins to the major dough. The “constant” in her life has been an eighty-year-old grandmother. How normal is your life when your brother’s name is Blanket? Seems to me she’s one of the most normal, with a normal (now tragic) reaction to the “crazy.” I hope she finds someone to rely on who doesn’t have a hidden agenda.

This seems like a needlessly ugly way to refer to a couple of children.

Same thing I said. :slight_smile:

I’m actually pretty concerned for the Jackson kids. Those kids are sitting on a Scrooge-McDuck-esque pile of money, and they have a ton of relatives, not all of whom have done too well for themselves. I’m thinking there’s a not-insignificant chance that one or more of their uncles/aunts/cousins might try to get them out of the way, to get at the money. Their grandmother doesn’t seem to be much of a presence, so quite frankly I don’t have much confidence that she can keep the wolves at bay.

Probably because someone on Team Jackson was smart enough to figure out that it couldn’t be kept a secret anyway. Do you actually believe that anyone with some connection to this (EMTs, dispatcher of EMTs, someone who overheard something at the EMT dispatchers, minor hospital staff, less minor hospital staff, etc.) wasn’t going to get on the horn to sell the story to some tabloid (either paper or electronic)?

It may be the only smart PR thing TJ ever did.