The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer][contains spoilers]

Jonathan reminds me a little of Jason Clarke.

It’s obvious to anyone who shops in supermarkets, specifically in the frozen pizza section.

All knowledge is contextual, and if you’ve never been in the right context, you don’t have the knowledge. I would miss even the most “obvious” question about the last superbowl.

I checked out the Caulipower website and it seems they make many different cauliflower products; is it that well-known that their pizza crusts are their original/flagship product?

While we’re on the subject of surprising triple stumpers, though, I can say I was surprised in the same game when the Seventh-Day Adventist clue in the Sabbath category was a triple stumper. Though ostensibly phrased as being about high-school football, I thought it was obvious that what they were really getting at was “which Christian denomination celebrates their Sabbath on a different day of the week than everyone else?” I know nothing about high school football and I thought it was easy. I couldn’t believe zero out of three Jeopardy contestants could come up with it.

I was thinking George Wendt (Norm Peterson on Cheers), but John C. works as well.

We both do the shopping but never buy frozen pizza or pizza ingredients. If we want a pizza, there are lots of pizzerias nearby.

You all must have heard me yell at my TV: “Maude! Maude!

I get a giggle from generational clues - things that are just too obvious to me (at 67) but the 30-somethings have no idea. Of course, it goes the other way, too. Current movies/singers/songs - I won’t even pretend to guess.

There were at least half a dozen triple stumpers that I knew yesterday. I might have actually had a chance were I on that show!

“Barnacles and blinkers were these vision aids”. What, other than glasses, are vision aids?

I liked Aline’s answer: “Who is Archie?” :rofl:

She was another contestant completely out of his/her depth

I was amazed an Army officer couldn’t get “footlocker.” What, they’re not used any more? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some Jeopardy! lawyer is going to find a 100 year old cite of someone crushing beetles with their teeth.

At least I know who Archie is. Who the hell is June?

Maybe he was thinking of betel nuts, which Asians like to chew:

I too was wondering who the hell “June Findlay” is. The only “June” I know from TV is June Cleaver, Beaver’s mom.

Just finished watching Friday’s episode on YouTube. Good game, if kind of slow-paced. I guess you need to be into astronomy to get the clue about the constellation. Either that, or have read Byron. :wink:

Am I the only who was raised on the Just So Stories?

So, Matt Amodio is the only one of the top three longest-running contestants whose vanquisher went on to become automatically eligible for the Tournament of Champions. Nancy Zerg, who unseated Ken Jennings, didn’t even win her next match, while Emma Boettcher, who unseated James Holzhauer, did make it into the ToC but only as a wild card.

Nope. I was too.

I was surprised when nobody got it. The name “Kipling” should have given it away.

The woman made a really stupid FJ bet. But, it ony g=cost her $1000.

I saw “Kipling” and immediately thought “Jungle Book.” My reasoning was that maybe he wrote the Jungle stories down in a Book so that he could read them the same way each time for his daughter. I actually thought Connie was ruled incorrect because she added an S at the end.

I may have vaguely heard of something called the Just So Stories at some point in my life, but had no idea what they are or who wrote them.