The John Candy Apreciation Thread

I absolutley love John Candy. I think he is one of the funniest commedians to make movies in the 80’s, and I also think he is very under-rated as an actor.

My three favorite movies that Candy stared in are;

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Uncle Buck
The Great Outdoors

He also had great roles in;

and even Home Alone

I am also a big fan of the television shows that he was on, SCTV (in which he did a very funny ‘Beaver’ Cleaver impression) and Camp Candy.

So, what do the dopers think of John Candy? Any favotite Candy quotes or scenes or stories? Thanks

I was very impressed by his work in JFK. Funny as the guard in N.L. Vacation. Cool in Cool Runnings.

He kind of struck me as a genuine nice guy in a field full of pompous slimeballs… He’s sorely missed.

My fav John Candy movie was “”]Canadian Bacon. Its not a very well known movie.
Crosses his fingers…


I have never seen Canadian Bacon back to front, but I do remeber the scene when they get in a fight at a hockey game in Canada because Candy says the beer sucks. Hilarious.


Loved his work, even if some of his movies were not up to par, he always was.

I can recall the first time I ever saw him, on SCTV, in the “Midnight Cowboy” take-off. He and, IIRC, Eugene Levy were Woody Tobias, Jr. and Doctor Tongue. Remember the 3-D effect with the meatballs?

“He blew up good.”
“He blew up real good.”

And that soap opera they did, Candy in the white Panama suit.

Great memories. . .

Sir Rhosis

My favorite John Candy Movie is Going Beserk.

Sure TV Guide gives it one star, and it has questionable production values. And it is extremely politically incorrect bordering on offensive. But it’s gag after another, and I never miss it when it comes on TV.

“Polka polkaaaaaahhh…polka polkaaaaaahhhh…”
I absolutely love(d) John Candy. I think his light went out a long time before it got a good chance to really shine. He was truly a comedic genius.

I can still see him, breaking that English plate…saying, “SHIT!” in Uncle Buck, my all-time favorite movie of his.

The world lost much laughter when he died. Thank God almighty for VCR’s…

I remember me and my brother wathing Uncle Buck a while back and it was absolutely hysterical.

“What’s his last name? Spray?”

(Red Chinese Commie Captor speaking to a tied-up “Tom Tuttle from Tacoma”)

“We will educate you!”

(Candy, defiantly)

That will be a challenge!”

John Candy was one of my favorite actors. His personality totally fit his roles.

Canadian Bacon was one of the funniest damn movies I’ve seen.

I was lucky enough to meet John Candy once. He was part owner of the Toronto Argonauts, so for one game he came to Saskatchewan. That just happened to be the one time my dad was able to get me into an invite-only barbeque before the football game, and JC was there. He was very nice and stayed around until everyone got an autograph, even though there was a big crowd of people.

I can’t remember when it aired, or on what network. It was
an educational, wholesome, yet actually fun and funny cartoon series featuring John as head councellor.

Whenever I watch John Candy, it’s obviuos that nice guy persona we see on screen is his real personality. He was the kind of person who I’m glad is rich and famous.

On a side note, I often wonder why everyone gets so serious at the death of people who spent so much time making us laugh. When Graham Chapman died, the rest of the Pythons did the dead parrot routine at his funeral. Cleese has said 'It was in very bad taste. But, Graham loved bad taste.'

 I like to remember John Candy with a line he spoke in Uncle Buck (which his talent turned into a laugh out loud film instead of the crapfest it would've been with a lesser actor)
       The Line-"I'm a big drooler."

 In questionable taste yes, but I think the smiles I get when I tell this to people are the most fitting memorial John Candy could have.