The kid in Newsies reminds me of the guy from American Psycho

kinda, in the nose at least…

That’s what I was thinking while I was watching Newsies this evening. The the credits roll: Christian fucking Bale! Jesus Christ! Is this move that old?!

1992, according to the IMDB. Looking at Bale’s entry there, I’m surprised to see that he was also the young boy who hung out with Hal and Falstaff at Mistress Quickly’s inn, in Brannagh’s Henry V. That’s one of my all-time favorite movies.

He’s amazing in Empire of the Sun.

Now, I have to go return some videotapes.

You Christian Bale fans, especially those who liked him in Batman Begins, need to rent Equilibrium. It’s a sci-fi movie: a blatant ripoff/pastiche of 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451, but with dystopian futuristic visuals obviously inspired by The Matrix, and an awesome new fighting style that would never work in real life, but looks amazing on screen. Taye Diggs and Sean Bean are in it too, which should hopefully interest those who like the male eye candy, if the violence and action don’t do anything for them.

The first time I saw Christian Bale act was before Empire of the Sun. He was in a simple British drama set in the countryside, and though he just played a small role as the son of the family, he stood out as being a fine young actor. He would’ve been around 11 or 12 years old.

Looking through IMDb, I guess this is the one here: Heart of the Country.

I think this is better-suited for Cafe Society. I’ll bail it outta here and move it there.

Christian Bale is my boyfriend. We’re gonna get married and raise horses and peonies. I’ll stay home and keep the kitchen warm and smelling of bread while he’s out grooming livestock and working out.

Did he do the actual singing in Empire? Or was that overdubbed?

Back off-I saw him first!
Newsies is where I first saw that fine specimen of male that is Christian. My god, that man is walking, breathing sex.

For a downright scary Bale, watch The Machinist in which he lost a whole lot of weight. Looked like one of the Auschwitz folks.

He didn’t do the singing, though Spielberg certainly found a voice that could’ve been his.

I loved Equilibrium. It pulled off the blatant ripoff pretty well. Kurt Wimmer (the director) has a new one coming out “Ultraviolet” with the lovely Milla Jovovich.

Yeah, but then he put on all that glorious muscle for Batman Begins.


In case anyone other than me wondered about the song that the childrens’ chorus sung at the beginning of Empire of the Sun, it’s apparent a Welsh lullaby called Suo Gan. I thought it was hauntingly beautiful.

I’ll see your Batman Begins and raise you two American Psycho.

I didn’t realize Ultraviolet was by the same guy! Now I’ll definitely see it. We just saw our first commercial for it, and my roommate said it looked like absolute crap, and I said it looked like a ripoff of The Matrix, Underworld, Aeon Flux, Kill Bill, and also Equilibrium… but that it still looked like fun.

looks at pictures, wipes drool from chin

The voice belongs to James Rainbird.