The Kids Are Alright out on DVD

Jeff Stein’s cinematic love letter to The Who, fully restored in content, sound and image is finally out. What a great job they did! This film stands with the best of the rock ‘n’ roll documentaries. My only gripe is that I don’t have a big screen TV and Dolby 5.1 surround system to watch it on!

I have been waiting on this since the day it was announced! I ordered mine and it should be here early next week. This is one of the few VHS tapes I still view on a consistent basis. I see where this DVD is getting top notch reviews.

Can’t wait!

Want DVD!!!

I saw The Who (in '68?) on their Magic Bus tour. I still can’t hear out of my right ear. Believe it or not, this concert was in a suburb of Chicago (The Jaguar in St. Charles), in a place about the half the size of a basketball court, ten foot ceiling, no chairs, and a cement floor. We stood right next to the stage (and the speakers, unfortunately). They did the show and tore up all the equipment, and most of what was near the stage, including the ceiling.

I saw them several times after that. I think the best concert I ever saw was The Who backed up by Lynard Skynard, must have been around '73. I believe it was touted as “The Tommy Tour”. They ended the show with “See Me, Feel Me” along with an awesome light show that lit up the entire auditorium. They left the stage after that song, they didn’t come back for an encore during that tour. The entire stadium stood on their chairs waving their hands and screaming for almost a half hour after they left the stage.

The Kids Are Alright!!!

You can’t afford me

I love The Who more than most, but that is one dull film.

You’re kidding…right? I friggin’ love this movie. I like “Tommy” and I enjoy “The Isle of Wight” but to me, nothing compares to “The Kids Are Alright”.

Different strokes.

Just got the DVD today. Wow!

I compared it to my VHS tape and it’s outstanding. Simply a MUST for any self-respecting WHO fan!