The Kindness of Neighbors You don't know

My car died today, not too far from my house. I was sitting on the side of the road. I had called AAA. A woman was jogging by and she stopped and asked if I needed any help. " no, I’m ok, AAA is on the way". I’m waiting and about 30 minutes later this same woman is coming back from the trail she was running on and stops again. “Do you need any help?”, “No, AAA should be here soon.” and she runs on. Don’t you know that about 15 minutes later she shows up in a vehicle with cold juice, pop, and iced tea! And she was still sweating from her run! Sometimes the kindness of strangers is amazing!

Looks like you’ve got a good neighborhood.

I sure hope so. I have been living here for 17 years and pretty much keep to myself. I was on one of the main streets into our neighborhood with my dead car. So it was nice that she was so concerned. I wish I had asked her name. I was too busy saying “i’m fine, thank you so much” I didn’t even think to ask her name. I hope I see her again while I am walking my dog.