The King is dead. (Rodney King dead at 47)

That’s sad.

Dang it, Fling-Wing, I came here to post that.

Good riddance. I hope it hurt.

Your reasoning being?

Yeah damn him, gettin all beat up and stuff.

this time too it seems.

:dubious: Explain yourself.

Why? Seriously? Let’s jump in the Way-Back machine, shall we?
**July 27, 1987: ** According to a complaint filed by his wife, King beat her while she was sleeping, then dragged her outside the house and beat her again. King was charged with battery and pleaded “no contest.”

November 3, 1989: King, brandishing a tire iron, ordered a convenience store clerk to empty the cash register. The clerk grabbed the tire iron, causing King to fall backwards and knock over a pie rack. King swung the rack at the clerk and fled the store with $200. King was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, second-degree robbery, and intent to commit great bodily injury.

**March 3, 1991: ** After being seen speeding on the 210 freeway by CHP officers, **King led them on a chase at speeds estimated at up to 110 to 115 mph. ** When finally stopped, King refused requests to get into the prone position and appeared to charge one of the officers. He was beaten and arrested. King was charged with felony evading.

May 11, 1991: King was pulled over for having an excessively tinted windshield.

May 28, 1991: King picked up a transvestite prostitute in Hollywood who happened to be under surveillance by LAPD officers. King and the prostitute were observed in an alley engaging in sexual activity. When the prostitute spotted the officers, King sped away, nearly hitting one of them.

June 26, 1992: King’s second wife reported to police that King had hit her and she feared for her life. King was handcuffed and taken to a police station, but his wife then decided against pressing charges.

July 16, 1992: King was arrested at 1:40 A.M. for driving while intoxicated.
August 21, 1993:** King crashed into a wall near a downtown Los Angeles nightclub. He had a blood alcohol level of 0.19. King was charged with violating his parole and sent for sixty day to an alcohol treatment center. He was also convicted on the DUI charge and ordered to perform twenty days of community service
May 21, 1995:** King was arrested for DUI while on a trip to Pennsylvania. King failed field sobriety tests, but refused to submit to a blood test
July 14, 1995:** King got into an argument with his wife while he was driving, pulled off the freeway and ordered her out of the car. When she started to get out, King sped off, leaving her on the highway with a bruised arm. King was charged with assault with a deadly weapon (his car), reckless driving, spousal abuse, and hit-and-run.
March 3, 1999:** King allegedly injured the sixteen-year-old girl that he had fathered out of wedlock when he was seventeen, as well as the girl’s mother. King was arrested for injuring the woman, the girl, and for vandalizing property. King claimed that the incident was simply “a family misunderstanding.”
September 29, 2001:** King was arrested for indecent exposure and use of the hallucinogenic drug PCP.

August 27, 2003, King was arrested again for speeding and running a red light while under the influence of alcohol. He failed to yield to police officers and slammed his vehicle into a house, breaking his pelvis
March 3, 2011**, King was stopped by Los Angeles police for driving erratically. He was issued a citation for driving with an expired license. This arrest led to his February 2012 misdemeanor conviction for reckless driving
Today:** King’s fiancée is telling friends King had been drinking and even smoked weed in the hours just before his death.
Rodney King was an unrepentent, criminal piece of shit who robbed and beat whoever he felt like, drove drunk numerous times - that he was caught, and was a danger to society. When given a lawful order by police officers, 3 of the 4 people in King’s car that fateful night complied immediately. King chose to fight instead. He was subdued with the force necessary to obtain his compliance and effect an arrest.

His videotaped arrest helped to widen even more the racial gap that exists, erasing decades of progress towards bringing races together. The resulting riots simply illustrate this, not to mention costing a billion dollars and 53 deaths. I submit to you that had King simply complied with a lawful arrest instead of engaging in a life-threatening high speed chase and fight, none of that would have happened.

His actions throughout his life show a complete disregard for authority, order, and anyone’s life but his own. He should have been removed from society decades ago.

Fuck him.

I was kinda hoping that his wife beat him to death. Apparently not, but I’ll wait for autopsy results. I can’t understand how he could have been found at the bottom of his pool, though—shit floats.

A couple of youthful indiscretions and you are ready to label someone as an unrepentant criminal?

Don’t you understand that all decent, upstanding Dopers are too progressive, open minded and accepting to judge anyone? (unless they have ever admitted to enjoying the french fries at Burger King, that is)

I was willing to give him a break, until I read how he was caught driving with an excessively tinted windshield.

If it’s any consolation, he bought the swimming pool with his settlement money.

He even smoked weed?

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Hanging, drawing, and quartering was too good for this man! Put him in the brazen bull, i say.

He was quite a fuck up. I can’t believe he never killed anyone with his drunk-driving ways. How the hell did he still have a license?!

He may not have.

Firstly, many states are far too reluctant, in my opinion, to take away licenses, even for drunk driving.

But it’s also the case that, even when they do suspend someone’s license, it doesn’t do much good. Studies have shown that a large percentage of people with suspended licenses continue to drive, because they need their cars, and because they know that there’s a relatively low chance of being caught.

Well, at least the freeways are a bit safer in California today.

I thought most states these days had the little blow things where you have to blow to start your engine?

Anyway. Can’t say I’m sad.

Which website did you pull that from ducati? Unless you were keeping track this whole time

Thank you.

Funny you should ask that. About 12 years ago I was working for what was at the time the third-largest record distributor in the United States. King somehow got it into his diminutive head that he wanted to be a hotshot record guy, and decided to use some of the settlement money to start a gangsta rap label. That in and of itself marks him as a dumbfuck, but I digress. Anyway, one day he comes strutting in with a sales rep from K-tel Records to talk distribution. Mind you, this is before he has signed a single artist or spent even a nanosecond in a recording studio. We decide to take him to the Elephant Bar for lunch, and King decides that he’s gonna drive. This, ironically enough, is in Simi Valley. The Elephant Bar is located on Madera Avenue; a heavily-trafficked corridor between Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks. Mind you again, this is also lunch hour. King inadvertently misses the entrance to the Elephant Bar and drives about 100 yards past it. When he was told that he had missed the entrance, he put it in reverse and drove backwards down Madera to the point where he should have turned. Our indie buyer said to him incredulously “how the fuck do you manage to keep your driver’s license?” King just giggled like a little girl and said “I’s jus’ barely holdin’ on to it, man—I’s jus’ barely holdin’ on to it.”