Rodney King, wife beater.

It’s really too bad. I guess we all CAN’T get along.


God, how I wish he would have resisted like the last time. He deserved to get his ass kicked the last time, and he deserves to get it kicked this time. Only this time, make sure there’s no one around with a videocamera. Or if someone is taping it, make sure they get it from the beginning this time.

What a piece of garbage this guy is. Lock his dumb ass up and throw away the key.

The guy is a criminal trainwreck. It looks like he’s ready for another dose of parking lot therapy.

What happened to him those years ago on the freeway was horribly wrong and the cops deserved to be put in jail for it.

But King is no angel, and never has been. I remember how the LA news downplayed a news story that happened a few months (if memory serves–I may have a few details wrong) after the beating. It had something to do with a routine police stake out for prostitution, I believe. They happened to catch King picking up a transvestive prostitute. When the cops tried to stop King (they were not “picking on him,” it was just that they were there on their stake-out, and King was one of the dumb Johns that got caught). Anyway, when the cops tried to pull over King, he tried to run them over with his car. His lawyer immediately spinned it, saying how “distraught” King was by the beating, as if that somehow explained his behavior.

Bullshit. Not that picking up a prostitute is that big of a deal, but the guy is no shrinking violet either. And running over people is sort of his MO, as we all now know. (He’s run over his wife before, but apparently she was not injured badly.)

No, I have no cites for this–just my memory of watching the LA news.

It irritated me that he was played as such a “great guy” after the beating. He’s not a great guy. He was defintely victim of police brutality, but that doesn’t automatically make him a great guy. And him being a scumbag doesn’t make what the police did to him less awful. What they did was evil.

Ack. Typo. “transvestive.” Whatever. Makes for a colorful story anyway.

Of course it wasn’t excessive force. :rolleyes:**

He deserves to get the same treatment as anyone else who is accused of spousal abuse. No more, no less. Equal treatment under the law, King shouldn’t be treated any different.**

Just shut up right now, you are embarrassing yourself. You would have the US police force as a whole degrade into that of a lawless third world nation. Their job is to police not dish out beatings.**

I agree, the guy seems like an asshole, and if he did attack his wife he should be punished.

Quit being a twit, Airman Doors, USAF. Advocating the beating of a man when he is NOT resisting arrest is low, and to suggest the evidence never come to light is lower. Please grow up.

Airman shut the hell up. Just shut the hell up. This country doesn’t have a justice system that operates on giving people what they deserve. It has a justice system based on protecting the populace. That’s the best and most civil that can be done. Wishing the cops would beat people up who deserve it is about the least. Get your head out of your ass.

Airman have you lost your mind? ‘Beat him and then beat him some more’ is not exactly sound social policy. There is already enough antagonism between the police and the policed. A few beatings aren’t going to help the matter.

I really couldn’t care less about what happens to Rodney King. I do care about maintaining a civil and decent society. A society which condones beatings as some kind of preemptive punishment isn’t one I want any part of. It is hard enough to get people to trust the police. If I think that the general citizenry condones casual beatings I, a law abiding person, will avoid interaction with the police as a matter of course.

Sounds like you would have fit right in with Saddam and his son Uday.

Nice company, that.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

OK. Here’s why I think it was justified.

What you didn’t see on that tape was Rodney King drunk off his ass fleeing from the police at 100+ miles per hour, taunting the cops after he was pulled over, scuffling with the four cops, rendering them unable to put the cuffs on, and taking two high-voltage taser shots. And he kept trying to get up.

But of course the police were unjustified. After he tried to get up the third time, they should have helped him to his feet, dusted him off, issued him an apology, and let him go about his business, I guess. :rolleyes:

How many lives were ruined because Rodney King didn’t pull over? How many were ruined because the videotape made him look like a victim?

Airman, I haven’t paid too much attention to your posts, but the ones I have noticed lately make you seem like a fucking idiot. Shut it already. After that Nixon/Watergate debacle, you’d think you’d have learned to be quiet when the grownups are talking. [insert roll-eyes smiley here}

All right, I’ll bite: how many lives were ruined as a direct result of King’s actions? And don’t bring in the riots, because that was in no way his fault.

Doors, you’re a dipshit. always have been, always will be.

Oh, and you too, Zenster. Thanks for showing your true colors. All that Burning Man peace and love crap might have confused some newbies.

I agree that the video tape probably just caught them at the wrong time. I do believe that the cops got a little carried away, but he’s honestly lucky they didnt shoot him for charging at them in the beginning.

As for the spousal abuse, isn’t there some sort of 3-strike rule in California that this guy can fall subject to?

What a fuckard.

That’s pretty out-there, essvee. Do you really think Rodney is a stand-up man? One thing’s for sure - he’s a rich man, unless he’s blown all the cash by now. Look at the facts, and his history of violence before you come to any conclusions. It’s rather nasty of you to attack Zenster in that manner, IMHO. Take a Midol or Valium and get over it.

Blonde, what in God’s green fuck does being a “stand-up man”, as you put it, have to do with being beaten savagely by the police? Nothing, that’s correct.

Since you don’t seem to be able to read, please note that Zenster lovingly suggested that Mr. King would benefit from “another dose of parking lot therapy.”

Go play in the road.

He was beaten as he evaded police arrest; not an excuse for being beaten, but he was/is a criminal, and the riots that ensued were devastating. You’ve been around long enough to understand how Zenster writes, so stop it with the appalled/freaked-out response.

And go play in the road yourself, sweetie.

Um … I don’t recall advocating that King should have the police beat the crap out of him in secretive fashion. I said the man needs some parking lot therapy, preferrably from the family of the girlfriend he’s beating. Yeah, that’s extrajudicial, but it’s not going to bring the system tumbling down. King has repeatedly brought down all sorts of crap upon his own head by his own hand.

While I in no ways agree that he should have had the snot whaled out of him for it, I can still see where the cops were awfully pissed off about having to risk their own lives and that of citizens on the road after pursuing him at 100+ MPH. Count them, 55 people died in the riots that followed King’s beating. Had King not flagrantly and maliciously broken the law, none of it might have happened. While it is arguable that King is to blame for the riots, his misconduct certainly played a part. Yes, it was the cops that nearly descended to his level of stupidity that are most to blame. I just refuse to give King a pass on his bullshit.

King has repeatedly shown a reckless disregard for the public’s and his own welfare. After a while, it gets just plain tiresome having to read about his latest peccadillo. I’m hoping that he is found in violation of probation or whatever other enhancements they can find to shut his pathetic ass in prison for a few decades.

Try to imagine how much of the taxpayer’s money this maggot has wasted. Completely omit the riots and subsequent settlement. Since that time, King has probably racked up more arrests, convictions and sentences than a few average citizens put together. There’s a limit to my patience with scum bags who just can’t resist being a stupid shit time after time.

Did I mention Los Angeles rules poker?

Four clubs beat a King.

Actually, Blonde, essvee pretty much hit it on the head. Zenster’s regularly wishes physical harm on other human beings. I find such posts distasteful (never mind hypocritical) and will not search for them, but the evils he wants done to others I, personally, wouldn’t want done to a rat.

I will never understand people who believe that justice equals revenge. Sharia law isn’t my idea of civilization.