The knot has been tied. gooti and I were married last Saturday.

After 7+ years of dating we finally got it done. We paid for the whole thing ourselves, so we had to cut a few corners and we were both somewhat unsure of how everything would turn out. But, in the end it went off without any problems and everyone seemed to have a good time.

So, sorry to all you SD ladies who have been longing for me all this time ( :rolleyes: ) but I am now officially off the market.
If anyone wants to see pictures, I will gladly point them to where they are posted. Just post here or shoot me an email.

Say, congrats, mouthbreather!

Link to the pics, please.

Congrats! Seems like all the Dopers have been getting hitched, getting engaged, and/or getting babies lately. 2003 must have been an unusually romantic year! :wink:


My happiest and best wishes for you both!



I saw the pictures! neener neener neener!
The Bride is simply stunning and the groom looks so happy!

is this hinting to some of your exploits? enlighten us

Congratulations!!! Even if you didn’t invite your neighbor who lives practically just around the corner from you (me)! (just kidding)…

Robert and I have been together for nearly 10 years w/o benefit of marriage. I don’t expect to get married any time soon though.

Best wishes for many more happy years together!

Congratulations. Luck and joy to both of you.

Congratulations to you both! :slight_smile:


Two of my Kids got hitched and not only wasn’t I invited to play my guitar, but I wasn’t even notified?

What kinda way is that to run a fambly?

Now you two better provide a RT mailing address so that an appropriate gift can be sent!

:mutters: Jesus! Kids today! Whatta ya gonna do?
:end mutter:

Just kidding, but my best wishes to the both of you. It is even more special because I got to meet you . You’re beautiful, the both of you.

Quasi feels a tear coming on, although he never cries at weddings, but really boo-hooed at his divorce! :smiley:

All the more reason for a Christmas Dopefest, I’m thinking, Archergal?


Hmmmm. Well you jest look down both barrels of ol’ “Bessie” and tell us that! :D:D:D

We didn’t have no choice when I was a boy! We pro-created, got married at the point of a gun and we liked it up there in the Bavarian Alps where it can get mighty cold! :smiley:



It has been quite a year for Doper love, hasn’t it? (Oh, that Cecil - I just want to pinch his little cheeks!)

Best wishes to you both!

Huh? Me? bats eyes innocently

I’ve been a good girl, as my harem boiz can attest. Certainly no babies. I swear, none. Or do you know something I don’t? Fess up!

is now paranoid

Anyway, mucho congrats to to the happy couple! May you live long, have many children, and die smiling.

Congrats. Of course, now you’ve got Quasi riled up…

Congratulations! hugs Any chance of my seeing a couple of pics?

And a “riled up” Quasi is never a pretty picture, yujin! That ol’ hump just glows bright red, and the hands just reach for my guitar to play Bad Moon Rising… Believe me, it’s better that you and Morelin don’t see this… :smiley:

But… I got to see the wedding pics that mouthbreather sent me. What a handsome groom and beautiful bride!

So I guess I better “rile down”, huh? :smiley:

Now yujin… do me and you need to have one of those “fatherly” talks? :wink:


Speaking as your stalkee and friend I can honestly say I am very happy for you! Enjoy the married life. It’s pretty damn good!

Please email me a link to the pics and feel free to take a week of from your stalking duties for your honeymoon. Please email me links to the honeymoon night pics too… just kidding. :smiley:

Thanks to all. We made it through one week, and only had to backhand her two or three times and she tried to cut off the tip of my junk on Friday, but it only cut about 30% of the way through and it’s healing nicely now.
LadySybil, shoot me an email (its in the profile) and I’ll point you towards some pics. You have no email listed here.

Pezkerplunk, you’ve got mail.