The largest and most effective terrorist organization in the world is:

(I might as well start this in the Pit because it will probably end up there anyway.)

Harvard Business School

Back in the day, HBS was where the guys that couldn’t cut it in Medical School, Law School and the hard sciences ended up. Somehow, these guys found a way to make themselves seem important. It was all about short term, “I’ve got mine and fuck you”, Masters of the Universe, cook the books to make the next quarter look good, taxes are for little people, write it off to the corporation, golden parachutes, buzz words, consulting, and all the rest of the bullshit that that did nothing more than build a house of cards.

George W. Bush is their Osama bin Laden (Al Qaeda didn’t originate with bin Laden, it got it’s root in Egypt and bin Laden was a follower). GWB is HBS’s tool that got the opportunity to implement their strategy to destroy the United States. What we’re up against is worse that anything Al Qaeda could have planned.

GWB is a graduate of HBS so what’s his excuse for not seeing this financial disaster coming? What, was he coked out the day they discussed this in class? This mess has been years in the making. Why didn’t he do something about the impending disaster? He supposedly got the “top notch” business education. I’ve seen several other HBS graduates that used their pedigree to destroy otherwise good businesses. Of course, it was never their fault.

These greedy fucks were hell bent on destroying America and they are on the verge of doing it. The only solution is for the people that can’t really afford it and have been struggling all along to pick up the tab while they live the good life on the taxpayers dime. So, what is your definition of welfare?

Reeder? Is that you?

Not the CIA, or the U.S. Government in general? Geez, way to tease us…

I’ll give you a pass on this one, buddy. It’s just too easy.

Harvard MBAs, pin-striped foot soldiers bent on the destruction of the US.

Nah, some things are just too deeply stupid to argue.

Don’t concentrate on their appearance, gauge their effectiveness.

How’s your 401k doing? How do you think their nest egg is doing?

Where does Harvard med school stand in this hideous plot? The divinity school? And Yale? The rest of the Ivy League? ::gasp!:: Does this fatwah on our precious American way of life extend to, say, Northwestern? Ohio State?!

Spartydog, are you familiar with the old chestnut about never attributing to evil what can be abundantly explained by pure stupidity?

Don’t laugh. USA Today carried the same topic and view as the OP today (I know it isn’t the best source but there are some well publisized books apparently coming out that are saying essentially the same thing). The major complaints were that their is hardly any meaningful ethics training is such programs and that the students are trained to spot the biggest loopholes that they can and use them.

I don’t place a value judgment on this. Loopholes are the fault of the people that wrote the laws in my view. However, Spartydog hardly gives a fringe opinion here.

Huh. Was I the only one who thought he was gonna give the Tamil Tigers a shout-out?

(What? They’re really effective - tactically savvy, well-equipped, and professionally run. Also innovative - they were doing suicide bombing before the first Palestinian suicide bomber was a glimmer in Hamas’ eye. What more do you want in a terror group?)

There’s a marked difference between blatant greed and deliberate destruction of the economy. Should really smart people who specialize in economics have foreseen the risk? Betcherass they should have. Hell, vociferous complaints about ridiculous CEO payouts for failure, etc. have been all over the press for ages. No part of this economic meltdown went unnoticed. Nobody did anything about it–including citizens complaining to congress critters deep in thrall to the money machine too.

The entire obscene mess can be fully explained by greed and stupidity. Comparisons to a terrorist plan are beyond inane.

Man, Cobra never gets any respect.

Everybody knows it’s KAOS.


Would you believe that at this very moment…

Read the OP. Did I say anything about the med school, the divinity school or Yale? Can you read or can you only react?

I don’t fault Harvard U., in general. As I said, the MBA program was where the less than competent went to get some validity. Somehow they sold themselves as an elite that knew the answers and managed (no pun intended) to scam American business to the point of capitulation to socialism. They’ve accomplished what no Communist, Socialist or terrorist organization could ever have hoped to do. They are on the verge of bringing down capitalism as it is defined. Marx is smiling all over this one. Bernake’s picture will forever appear in Webster’s as the definition of a flip-flop.

HBS sold their snake oil and a lot of others fell in step (NYU, U of Chicago, Wharton, Kellogg @ Northwestern, MIT, U of Virginia, and on and on). You bought the snake oil, now you pay, about $1,600 per US household. Are you still a fan of the Masters of the Universe?

I’m the crazy one, you’re the sucker.

I had some asshole in Po’dunk, NV (actually, it was Bentley in Gardnerville) ask me a question during an interview, prefacing it (very smugly) with, “This is from the Harvard School of Business”, blah blah blah about a stupid elephant that a rich uncle left in his will blah blah blah…

I let him talk for about 3 minutes. When he finished, I asked him if he went to Harvard. He said “No”.

I told him, “You wouldn’t know if I answer this correctly or not.”

I didn’t get the job. They didn’t get me.

Mine’s up 11% over 12 months ago.

Of course, it’s managed by a Dartmouth grad.

You and Amp are both wrong.

Its the Mysterons waging their “War of nerves” against Earth.

I think someone is a Yalie.

Or someone flagrantly stole the idea for this post from Valleywag.

For what it’s worth,

One of my supervisors got his MBA from Harvard (full disclosure: it was a web-based course). I thought, “Harvard, wow!” I then asked him what the most profound thing he gained from it–hey, it’s Harvard, right? He replied, “That it was strongly about you and not the company.” I did a double take. He then said it was more about how to use the company for your personal advantage and then move on to the next one. “Sort of a like a portable Gordon Gecko?”, I replied. “Yeah,” he replied, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a plus on a resume, but it also lowered my opinion of HBS; I’d think twice about hiring someone from there.”

Personally, I feel Hezbollah is the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, but their reasons are more for “religion” then economics.