The last HHG

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that an incomplete draft of Doglas Adams’ final book has been found and will be published.

Here’s the story.

A quick search in Cafe Society didn’t find anything about this - surely I’m not the first?


Doglas? - too damn concerned about the URL, I guess.

Should be interesting, in one way or another. How the hell is he going to carry the story when Arthur died at the end of Mostly Harmless?

In a partially related topic, anyone ever actually gone out and bought The Playne Man’s Pathway to Heaven by Arthur Dent?

Does this bug anyone besides me? Obviously Adams wasn’t happy with the story, otherwise he would have sent it to his editor to be published. (And I doubt that he was “almost” finished with it either, else his editor would have known more about it.)

So, is anyone really doing his memory any favors by publishing this?

I think that it will be interesting, as well as a bit sad.

“Many different versions of the novel”, huh? Is this going to be pulled together like the folios of Shakespeare, or will each version be presented separately?

Would it bother you less, tanstaafl, if they just published the lectures, website articles, essays, etc., and left the novel alone? I think that it might be nice to have those sorts of short writings and things published in a more permanent and accessible form, myself. I suppose that it will be the unfinished novel that will “sell” it to most people, though.

This is already being discussed here so I’ll close this one.