The Last of Us - tv show discussion

I am a day behind and will watch the pilot tonight. It’s getting hugely positive reviews, and some outlets have seen either the entire or most of the whole season.

I played Last of Us 1 on PS3, but never played its sequel. It is good, though I found the game a little overrated.

I have even heard they are only adapting the two games and then ending the show, though I rather doubt HBO will really go through with that unless they can get 5 or so seasons out of it.

It was an excellent 1st episode. Compelling and fast paced. I’m looking forward to the next.

They had a really clever opening partially explaining what was happening make good use of John Hanna.

This is one of those shows where I’m inclined to not watch it, just because of the incessant ad campaign that’s been shoving it down my throat for the last two months. But on the other hand, it looks really good, so I will most likely wind up watching it.

I’ll probably see it, just because it’s the new big HBO show. But zombies again?

Hid minor spoilers {WE?}

I can understand being worn out on zombies these days, but having watched the first episode yesterday, having never played the game, I like the fact that, 20 years after the first outbreak of zombies, it shows humans actually setting up functional societies (even if they’re a military dictatorship), which so far has functional means in place to secure and examine potential new zombies so that they don’t risk an outbreak in their quarantine zones.

I’m sure something will happen to ruin that, but it’s nice to see people in a zombie apocalypse who aren’t entirely brain-dead.

I thought it was very good. Honestly no complaints. If the rest of the series is this quality it will certainly be one of the best TV shows of the year.

Video game adaptations for TV usually suck. This one doesn’t.

That’s been the critical consensus all over – excellent production, and a fine example of a very well done video game adaptation, for once. My son has been following the evolution of the series from the very beginning and is infatuated by it, I presume from his immersion in the video game. I haven’t seen it yet as he wants to re-watch it with me on his next visit.

It’s the largest Canadian television production in history, although calling it “Canadian” may be a bit of misnomer – it was filmed in Alberta, but is a joint production by Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, Naughty Dog, the Mighty Mint, and Word Games, all of which are American companies based in California. Still, the sheer magnitude of the project was said to have given a big employment boost to workers in the Canadian film industry.

Being an Albertan myself, I of course was VERY interested in this show. Very impressed too, after the pilot episode. Pedro Pascal is a good main character, and the chemistry so far feels right. Looking forward to the next one. And yeah, the Walking Dead died years ago so the time is good enough for another zombie story. Bacteria this time moreso than viruses.


I said to my wife a few times, “Oh, look, something is actually happening. Remember when things happened on early Walking Dead?”

It was excellent and I’m wondering if anyone else remembers reading an article recently where the showrunners said they are only adapting Last of Us and its sequel, not going further. I have not played the sequel, but I know there was a divisive response to it. I’m curious if it ends in a way that does not lead into a Last of Us 3.

Any chance the Fallout tv show could possibly be good? I imagine it will have a 100% original story and is not an adaptation of the games or mix of games. Who knows?

Perhaps the slogan should be “We Put the Fun in Fungus!”

I haven’t yet seen it (though I have watched the game). Do they noticeably age up Joel after the time jump? And does it look realistic?

That was then, this is now. We had to wear masks whenever cameras weren’t rolling and we were tested for Covid daily. Such things are anathema to our current government so HBO would have been driven from town on a rail if they tried that today.

For those who wish to indulge my vanity, I’m in the restaurant scene and I’m a blurry character in a black and tan ballcap in the foreground while Joel (in focus, the bastard) is walking down the street toward the camera in the background. Pedro Pascal’s a nice guy. Smells of soap.

Was that yours or did they give it to you?

It was provided by wardrobe.

Somehow, I wouldn’t have cast Pedro as Joel. Not that I think he’ll do a lousy job. Quite the opposite! His face just doesn’t spring to mind as a grizzled hardass.

I guess? He was supposed to be 35 at the start and did not look it. Does he look 55 after the 20 year time jump? I’d say…maybe. They did a bit to him, but my wife scoffed at him being 35.

He’s 47, probably 46 when this was filmed. Much more handsome and in shape than me(I’m 44), but neither of us pull off 35 very easily. It was like 25 minutes of the show, though.

So, yes, they did. They kind of casually de-aged him and then added some grey for the 55.

Thank you. I wasn’t sure if the time jump needed a spoiler.

I remember in the last season of TWD a couple of characters were bent out of shape that they had to take on jobs catering fancy parties in the Commonwealth. Yeah, because it’s so much worst than your last job scrounging through warehouses for rotten food, hoping not to get eaten by not-zombies or murdered by rival factions.

Also, with Fear the Walking Dead still going on and a bunch of spin offs, The Walking Dead hasn’t so much “died” as “continues to shamble around”.

Not watching, but my friend released his film The Cordyceps Principle in 2013. ‘A sociopathic photographer dreams of killing his indifferent, domineering wife. One day on a shooting expedition he discovers something deep in the southern swamps which just might do the trick.’