The Last of Us - tv show discussion

Also Pedro Pascal again! That guy is in everything!

Bella Ramsey is also good as Ellie. I never played the game, but like many people I thought Elle bore more than a passing resemblance to Ellen (Elliot) Page. Obviously that would no longer be that good casting choice for a teenage girl as he’s like 35…and a dude.

I enjoyed it, but Walking Dead or no Walking Dead, I kind of feel like I’ve seen all this zombie stuff before, many times.

Also, how did they build a massive wall around Boston during a zombie apocalypse? The Big Dig took over 20 years to complete and that was during when the world was humming along normally.

It’s interesting that Joel and Tess are shown to be less violent than in the game.

So far.

You don’t need to file as many environmental impact statements during an apocalypse.

The quarantine zone is just a small chunk of Boston; they have to leave it to get to the State House.

Alba Baptista (lead of the Warrior Nun series) is the spit of Inception/Whip It-era Page. She is 25, but plays a 19 y.o. in WN.

I personally think the sequel game is an absolute masterpiece, a breathtakingly ambitious narrative and thematic expansion on an already great original game, and I take a very dim view of the supposed divisiveness claimed for it. But as this is about the show, followup should go to a different thread.

Re the show, I liked it a lot. Very smart as an adaptation, faithful when it needs to be, elegantly condensed when appropriate, smart in how it expands in other ways. Looking forward to the rest.

I thought that was a joke at first, like how lots of people lie about their ages on their birthdays. 55 is believable, imo.

A lot of discourse about his this is finally a video game adaptation done right. I mean, obviously though, right? The game was written like a movie or a prestige TV show. Most games are not.

While it may be true that “most” video games are not written like this many are. Witcher, Mass Effect, Bioshock, System Shock, Deus Ex are a few that leap to mind. While heavily plotted games with a lot of dialog and story may not be common they are not uncommon either.

The press secretary neither confirmed nor denied the rumour.

People say “Finally! A video game done right” because they seem to immediately forget the previous time they said this, like Arcane, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Sonic 2 just last year. Jolie’s Tomb Raider was considered bang on the mark in its day.

It reminds me of Black Panther being the first Black superhero to be the lead of a movie. Wesley Snipes over there going, “Didn’t you all see Blade in 1998??? And Blade 2? Even Blade 3?”

Not to mention Hancock with Will Smith. Catwoman with Halle Berry. Even Shaq was Steel in that Steel movie. Probably less said about Catwoman and Steel, but both Hancock and Blade were successful movies.

News sites and papers just want stories.

I never played League of Legends. Out of curiosity, how close was the show to the game, apart from characters of the same name?

League of legends is a multiplayer battle arena game, there is not really any plot.

Nm, answering a question that wasn’t asked.

I know it was straight out of the video game but the intro sequence was a master class in how to build tension.

I know nothing of the video game, so I may not be the target demographic, but I was really impressed with the show. The opening was terrific.

The young woman who plays his daughter was really good.

I’m trying to talk my wife into watching it, but she doesn’t like violence or horror. She did like the Witcher, though.

I did like it. It is my favorite video game with my favorite plot and so far it’s pretty close.

I just wonder how they are going to pace the story. First season is apparently nine episodes. How far along are they supposed to get?

I have no source here but I actually thought each season was one game. Two seasons and done?

I heard three. The second game split into two seasons. Players will understand why, but details are spoilery.

The story of the first LoU game, if you buzz efficiently through the combat and don’t bother with any exploration or more than the minimum resource hunting, is around 13-14 hours. If the first episode is a reasonable guide, they got through about ninety minutes of gameplay in an hour fifteen. That’s with the extra prologue bit at the top, but without the lengthy combat sequence where Tess and Joel go after Robert.

I think with some elegant elision and expansion in different places, one season of hour-long episodes is appropriate for the entirety of the first game.