The last word on Anna Nicole

Well, obviously not the last word – but my last word. Or rather Andy Borowitz’s last word.

Yeah, my brother posited that it was a good thing the 9/11 attack didn’t occur on the day she died or we’d have heard nothing about it.

You may be more right than you realize, Starving Artist. I think Jon Stewart said the other day that CNN went 45 minutes without commercials after she died, and they didn’t even suspend commercials on September 11th.

Really? I don’t remember seeing any commercials as I was watching the coverage of 9/11, but then again, my memory is notoriously faulty.

Starving Artist:

Demise of Twin Towers…demise of twin towers. Sounds like equally newsworthy to me…

Would that this was the last word…

The last word on Anna Nicole Smith - dead.

(I watched Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” from Monday, I think it was, and it was mostly focused on Anna Nicole coverage, and it was hysterical. That one reporter saying that he thinks it was THE MEDIA who killed her…)

Ohhhhh no you don’t. That’s Scooter Libby’s defense. Get your own defense!

Is Anna Nicole Smith still dead, Wolf?